The Antechamber of Perdition

This multi-layered Work is dedicated to the Sinister Alchemy of our Acéphalic Mysticism. Do not expect a logical sequence of chapters like other books, nor should you see this as an academic study full of ‘academically correct’ references. However, when I quote Georges Bataille or others acéphalic minds, I indicate the quote with quotation marks. Intellectually this is the correct thing to do, but I do not always refer to the books or the pages so you can look everything up. I am influenced by Bataille, Heidegger, Nietzsche, the Order of Nine Angles, alchemy & hermetism and so on. This will all become clear. I will present to you essays, meditations, fragments, quotes, … and so on.

This work as a whole is at once a conjuration, an evocation, a supplication, and a profanation of the most Base and the most Holy. These collected writings are devoted to the paradoxical and impossible Unity of the most Pure and the most Foul, of the Sky and the Eorthe, the Apollonian and the Dionysian, the Fool and the Emperor, the Black and the Read Work, because the intensive tension and Struggle between them, make up that which resides beyond all ‘morals’ and ‘laws’, beyond anything remotely human. It is the everchanging outcome of the Heraclitean Struggle to which we are devoted. Following our decadent prophet  Bataille I call this the outer Realm of the Sacred.

On the one hand this is destined to be a grand failure, because it is a ‘human and all too human’ (Nietzsche) enterprise, a ‘project’ amongst so many ‘pointless’ projects today. Thus it cannot reveal anything übermenschlish. On the other hand, due to its ‘human’ nature, it affirms the tragedy of our existence as a species. By nature and its cosmic laws our species, the human animal, is intimately bound to the Earth[1], to the Chthonic[2], yet we seem to have forgotten all about this. Modern man, and more specifically Western man, is so caught up in the maelstrom of today’s quickly changing world, and part of this Work will act as a wake-up call, an evocation of inhuman forces ready to radicalize and accelerate[3] present-day Nihilism.  Through man’s Geworfenheit  he is condemned to undertake ‘projects’ in order to give meaning to his fundamentally solitary existence in the limitless dark cosmos of which he denies its intoxicating Beauty and Splendor.

Many so-called ‘selfless’ world improvers in their (pedantic) quest to change society for the ‘greater good’ actually are self-indulgent. From a pedantic and godly perspective they only believe in their universalist point of view. I however stand Within-the-World, and as this world is burning, I stand naked and beaten with my knees in the mud and human filth, my head uplifted towards the Altar Of Ravishing Madness. The Acéphalic Monster has  blinded me, and therefore it is impossible for me to judge the world from a higher, non-human perspective. As the ashes of the burning World come down on me, I openly curse the Ego and all human-centered thinking and activities.

From a rare interview with one of the few genuine mysterious manifestations of the Sinister[4], namely Deathspell Omega[5]:

“First and foremost, we want to avoid at all costs this very human illusion of being important and gladly leave these fifteen minutes of fame, as Warhol brilliantly put it, to whoever wants them. In regard to what we are trying to understand and dare to praise despite the immense restrictions of human understanding, we are nothing. This being said, we are of course better than most humans, our humility lies on a metaphysical level. Eventually, it should also be considered that we honestly cannot say how much of the artistic or intellectual impulses truly come from us, and which percentage of, for example, “Si monumentum requiris, circumspice” was conceived through or maybe even despite us[6]. Claiming the paternity of a child with such odd and uncontrollable origins would be very vain, indeed, even if -at least- the credit of being an instrument remains. (“I shall descend in humiliation before Thee – And ascend before men only if thy will ordains me”).”

Of course, we all want to be acknowledged if not by name, at least by our deeds. How shall I be remembered? What should I do for the betterment of my fellow man, for the future of mankind? As a human being one craves for the illusion to have devoted oneself, one’s work, one’s art, one’s writings (and so on) to a higher and more important worldly cause (religious, political, ecological, artistic, humanitarian, etc.).

This is exactly what this Work is NOT about. These writings, these excerpts aim to destabilize your self-centredness. As a whole these writings are part of a Sacred meta-politics[7] which fundamentally questions the current status quo by rising above the classic separation of morally good and evil, of the political left and right, of rationalism and insanity. This Alchemical Art might even act as an antenna, an instrument to invite disruptive occult forces to this world, but just like for instance Deathspell Omega, or the Traditional  Satanism of the Order of Nine Angles, we cannot and shall not claim ‘authorship’. This is an Acéphalic-(a)gnostic pact through which we aim to destroy, defile all so-called wisdom and beauty, and bath our-selves in ‘shit’ and ‘non-sense’ (Bataille).

Therefore, those who are in search of methods for self-deification (rituals, spells, …), a rigid ideological Weltanschauung, academically valid theories,  should seek somewhere else. I, as a Faustian Dandy, have fully accepted the tragedy of our Geworfenheit, and I do not value the belief in self-deification, in the kind and social nature of the human animal. Yet, what interests me, what drives me as an Acéphalic mystic, a philosopher and artist, is man’s inclination towards the Primordial, the Chthonic and his basic and atavistic desire for the morbid, his innate capability of perverse & sadistic cruelty, his repressed disdain for ethical and ideological norms that prohibit any form of authentic communication, his love for the Arché and the Futural, … And next to this: my preference of a Nietzschean inspired elitism, a will to exclude oneself from the masses and to rise above its stupidity. All I want from you is to dive ‘headlessly’ into the Prima Materia, and to attain a monstrous, numinous Purity.

As this will not be some kind of a manual, or a ‘self-help book’, but a dive into the radical multiplicity and basic nonuniformity of the Prima Materia: you will be confronted with a most labyrintic and above all chaotic creation. Being a Wanderer myself in search of the Minotaur, I do not claim to offer advice or truths. All I can present to you is a collection of Bataillean and Heideggerian meditations on the profoundness of the Mystical Night, its solitude and its devastating emptiness which  evokes the greatest anguish and suffering in this Kali Yuga. Through these meditations you will come to value Angst and Terror. So this Work is certainly not about rational wisdom, scientific knowledge, illumination, or eventually Salvation; this goes beyond the salvation of your Soul. Our religious aversion to reason is not something ‘decadent’, but it stems from our deepest longing for the Greek Origin of the West (Heidegger)itself. And this has been awakened with the advent of Romanticism, followed by Decadentism and Surrealism. Philosophers such as Nietzsche, Heidegger, Jünger, Bataille, Foucault, the French theater maker Artaud: they all saw Reason as “the most stiffnecked adversary” of thought itself.

Just like them we want to return to Life itself, to affect, to the immediacy of Being, to ‘meditative thinking’ (Heidegger) as opposed to hollow universalism, empty ideologies based on anthropocentric narcissism and calculative thinking. We must rise above our individual human emotions, embody the communal and we need to fully experience this transcendental experience and that exactly is the moment ‘when love for a short while becomes utter and inhuman communication’ (Nick Land).

Thus, following the mystic Bataille, one should be able to escape this constructivist framework of ‘reason’ and enter into something far more terrible, a Return to the Continuum of the  Arche. This is something we should delve into … and re-emerge headlessly to enjoy the Silence!

 Von Sanngetall








[1] Our Geworfenheit (Heidegger)

[2] A concept which will return later. A central concept of our Acéphalic Mysticism.

[3] Here we are indebted to the antinomian thinker Nick Land who actually perfected the idea of accelerationism. Something we can find in Futurism as well but Nick Land gave it a Bataillean twist.

[4] Here we refer to the Sinister Tradition: an occult path of Traditional Satanism with Pagan and Alchemical roots. This in general belongs to the Left Hand Path.

[5] I regard Deathspell Omega or DsO, as  I shall refer to them  in the course of this book, as one of the most sincere Black Metal bands who have lifted the genre beyond anything  one could ever have imagined. Not only from a musical and compositional point of view, but also lyrically their devotion to the Deus Ignotius

[6] This shows their genuine humility. Just like a monk who is willing to ‘eliminate’ his mundane self through hard work, discipline, care, devotion.

[7] Through meta-politics we aim to go beyond ordinary politics and to rise abve the mundane level of left versus right, socialism versus liberalism, … Futhermore we are not interested in the classic nation-state as it exists today for the order, the Weltanschauung of ideologies that roam in the nation-state actually minimalize and destroy the creative potential, the possible Alchemical Rebirth of man and the way he organizes his life.