The Heimat and her gods

Picture taken during a hike in the Pays Des Collines “The poets tell us of the field’s growing verdant, of the valley, and of the flowing of the rivers that are wide open around prophetic mountains. This is a strange geography: a description of the Earth that we barely understand at first, assuming that we […]

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The World and Eorthe

The World For Heidegger’s Weltanschauung the World and Eorthe are two important elements. The World is the sphere of human activities and relationships, which Georges Bataille calls the homogeneous world or the world of work. On the one hand the modern world is characterised by (state) laws, contracts, business, profit and commercialism – something Alain […]

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The Struggle of Fire and Ice

This drawing is my personal War Ritual. Heidegger recognized the Struggle between the Dionysian and the Apollonian forces as forming the living core of authentic Being.  Being is not stable but a continuous process of birth and Death, creation and destruction, and it continues the way the Sun moves and the seasons paint our beloved […]

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