Vaniticism: an immense ocean of annihilation


Mental disorder – musical cursed matter – reigns supremely as I listen to Scatmother’s latest opher-ing Vaniticism. This is the non-place, the Empty place after the Death of God, the place from which the monstrous Archontes, chained to the empty throne of their creator-Demiurg, are howling. Like mad dogs they are barking and making Labyrinthic noise which infects my nervous system for this is cursed musick undermining any ‘human’ consistency. This is horrifying music leading the listener, as will-less but erotically aroused Sacrifice, to the most unheimliche caverns of his mind where he is to be tortured, raped and decapitated by the absent Demiurg – this wretched creator of this world.

Scatmother’s creations – or should we call them ’excretions’ – are contaminated, plague wielding and infested with rottenness. The artist has a fascination for extreme and deep display of human obsessions and these are powerful emotions to work with. From a most radical LHP point of view one could say that these creations are prime examples of what Bataille calls “base matter”, namely sacred objects which have a special status and which are infused with a most contagious power, with a deadly spark and a shock (Stoekl 2007: 19). From an Acéphalic-gnostic point of view matter  should be seen as an “active principle having its own autonomous existence as darkness, and as evil (which would not be the absence of good, but a creative action”. (Bataille Reader 1997: 162) The Magian point of view is one in which matter is seen as a degradation of superior principles which becomes clear in the ascetic approach. Bataille however stresses the importance of the organic, the energy infused in the flesh, the game of eroticism.

This organic approach can be heard in the particular power electronics of Scatmother as if it eminates from a gigantic corpse. Thematics such as degradation, humiliation (of the body, of the mind), debasement, deviant and criminal sexuality, pure unadulterated sadism and cruelty are inherently Sadean and transgressive in order to shock the listener, wake him up and hold him prisoner in a non-moral place where violence and filth are most pure.  

As a grotesque work of art the album stupefies the listener because of its horrific form and appearance. After listening to Vaniticsim I feel empty, sick, raped, stupified. As if I have become a masochist delivering myself to this sacred violence. This work of art will never be accepted just like shit, and most people will stay away from it as they find it repulsive, nauseating.

Just like Crowley’s decadent ritual of self-corruption one becomes an infected body as the fierce energy of the (de)compositions take over. Just like shit or vomit they are excreted, and in a Sadean way appropriated by the listener in order to be excreted again.  This is a demonic act of transmutation (Stoekl 2007: 20); a perverted and corrupted form the traditional alchemical process of the transition of lead (base matter: acephalic mysticism) into gold (elevated matter: monotheism). The acephalic alchemical transmutation is all about allowing oneself to be controled, grasped by the “formlessness” of that base matter. One becomes caught in the Lovecraftian structures of Scatmother’s black art. A spider’s web.  The artist describes “transcendence, dehumanization, isolation and passion” as very powerful concepts that allow one to get “to know your true nature, finding your path in life, being able to abandon certain things and follow others.” This is exactly what Acéphalic mysticism is all about: one does not follow blindly, one questions, one corrupts and destroys if it is necessary to grow spiritually. There is no ‘purpose’ for the Numinous is beyond human concepts, beyond the words and it must therefore be followed through experience, through action, through radical philosophy, meditation, transgressive arts, … One must leave behind the classical notion of utility which has become the norm in today’s neoliberal society.

But let us point out one thing: this radical path is a manifestation of the Sacred. Brutal ruptures are needed to focus on the Sacred again. Bataille describes two polarized human impulses: EXCRETION and appropriation. Each civilization has excremental collective impulses which are necessary for the status quo: the Greeks had their Dionysian cults, the Romans organized the Saturnalia as periods of time where transgression was allowed in order to free the Sacred energy within the flesh. These impulses can take various forms and Bataille lists

any sexual activity, whether perverted or not; the behavior of one sex before the other; defecation; urination; death and the cult of cadavers (above all, insofar as it involves the stinking decomposition of bodies); the different taboos; ritual cannibalism; the sacrifice of animal-gods; omophagia; the laughter of exclusion; sobbing (which in general has death as its object); religious ecstasy; the identical attitude towards shit, gods and cadavers; the terror that so often accompanies involuntary defecation; the custom of making women both brilliant and lubricious with make-up, gems and gleaming jewels; gambling; heedless expenditure and certain fanciful uses of money, etc. (The Bataille Reader 1997: 150)

Do we advocate limitless anarchy, limitless sexual debauchery? No, we regard these as sacred expressions of the Erotic which are important impulses of the human body. There is a Sinister Dialectic at work deep within our subconscious, and which should have its legitimate place in any society. However as Western civilization has entered its Kali Yuga, we must recognize the fact that this will no longer be possible. Therefore ritual acts, ritual & sacred music such as Scatmother’s remind us of these self-less tendencies and beyond. They are extreme beyond morality and we all have a potential madman lurking inside of us.

We must accept the eternal flow of rottenness as our gnostic legacy, as a primal force within matter. Our Vanitas as Super-Ego may work against that, but  you should ignore this. Instead of Vanitas one should welcome this continuous becoming as dripping slime and flesh. No false moralities but pure unadulterated Evil as a non-moral concept, as a concept that elevates and strengthens life. As Nick Land puts it:

“From birth we are brain-washed into conformity with the cage taught to accumulate, to shore ourselves up, to fear madness and death. Trapped in a constricting tangle of language routines we tread a narrow circuit in the maze. We are told that chance will not take care of us, and that it is difficult to live; work and seriousness are slums of delusion; the garbage-heap of individuation has no worth; what is called life at the outer edge of patriarchy is a bleak box of lies, drudgery, and anesthesia blended with inane agony; what matters about the outside of the box is not just that it is outside of the box, but that it is immense; what matters is the abyss, the gulf.” (Land, The Thirst for annihilation, p. 131 – 132)

Scatmother shows us how to open ourselves to sacred death by enjoying our Dionysian nature which must always find its balance again with the Apollonian (Traditions, Culture) and this is a constant struggle. Our present Western civilization has lost this struggle as the Dionysian and the Apollonian have been sold out, marketed, commercialized, anthropomorphized, … Therefore let yourself be tempted by Scatmother and “let an immense ocean of annihilation (A Zyklon Storm – Scatmother) stretch out before you.” (Land)  This annihilation, this Ragnarokr, as acquisition of pure primordial power (Scatmother) is very much needed! 333!

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf


  • Bataille: The Use-Value of D.A.F. De Sade & Base Materialism and Gnosticism
  • Land: The Thirst for Annihilation 
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The Astral Cup

The Astral Cup by Von Sanngetall 128 yf 

If you would ask what the true essence of our Acéphalic Mysticism is, I would say there is none. For a ‘true’ essence would determine, define our Mysticism as something we humans can comprehend. Our Mysticism is one with the Numinous, that which cannot be analyzed by our limited senses, by our ‘Will to know’ (Nietzsche). It effectively freezes our brains, and we remain helpless, clueless, and yes, beheaded.  Personally I find the Grail a most suitable image/metaphor/symbol for the Numinous. Within the Mysterie Tradition of the West the Grail as cup has always fascinated me. For me it stands for an ancient Mystery , a Mysticism of the Blood that goes beyond our ‘mental’ comprehension and it defies all science. It is mytho-poetic, Traditional, … Yes, a beacon of the Western Mystery Tradition. Do  not romanticize this cup for its very essence is utterly inhuman, and we as a species are not yet worthy and we must remain humble, devoid of the Sacred knowledge that springs from the mystical Blood & Water within the cup.

As one of our prophets, M. Serrano, proclaimed:

When we speak, for example, of the blood, we are not referring exclusively to biological blood, that which runs through our veins of the physical body. We think of the blood of Paracelsus, of the Astral Light, and also of the ethereal or Akashian Memory of the Indo-Aryans. That is the true ‘chromosomal memory’, and not the biochemical one of the present. The blood, in a spiritual and hermetic sense, is the sacred liqueur of the soma, something different from what we are taugth by biology and the haematology of the science of the Kali Yuga; it is the liquid sun, in which the memory of the extraterrestrial ancestors runs; it is the Great Memory. The blood is something mysterious, which cannot be treated lightly.” (M. Serrano, The Golden Thread)

We do not treat this mystery lightly. Bataille would not have completely agreed with Serrano’s Weltanschauung, but we find much mysterious truth in it. The Grail is the Holy Cup that holds the Blood & Water of the Gnostic Christ, the one that defied the Jews and their laws. The One that sided with the poor, the sick and thus followed the Left Hand Path: the Path of Splendour within Decay, crystal beauty within sickness, Joy before Death. Our path is a gnostic one as well for we search for the Continuous, the Numionous connexion from which we have been deprived in our fallen state (Gefallenheit – Heidegger), but unlike the Gnostics, we recognize the value of sacred matter (the body, the flesh, base elements). We are energetics and matter consists of energy. Our body may be temporarily but we value this as a Temple where the Sacred Cup will be placed. Not by yourself, but all of the sudden, as a result of your alchemical quest, as a result of your loyalty towards the Destiny of the West, it will appear before you. There are several Paths carved out in the mystical history of the West. Chose the one that suits your lifestyle, or that challenges you to monastic, physical, intellectual, artistic, spiritual duties. 

Regard your body (the living flesh, the cosmic water & the sacred blood) as a Temple through which runs the spiritual and Numinous Energy, that connects you with an immortal Past, the hidden present and the Future Destiny of the West. Take therefor the Astral Cup and drink thereof.  The Blood & the water will strenghten you and make you even more resolute. This is essential for those who are willing to embark on an Alchemical journey in this Kali Yuga.

Let us remember the words of Evola:

“To live and understand the symbol of the Grail in its purity would mean today the awakening of powers that could supply a transcendental point of reference for it, an awakening that could show itself tomorrow, after a great crisis, in the form of an “epoch that goes beyond the nations.” I would also mean the release of the so-called world revolution from the false myths that poison it and make possible its subjugation through dark, collectivistic, and irrational powers. In addition, it would mean understanding the way to a true unity that would be genuinely capable of going beyond not only the materialistic – we could als say Luciferian and Titanic – forms of powers and control but also the lunar forms of the remnants of religious humility and the current neospiritualistic dissipation.” (Evola, The Mystery of the Grail)

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf

Das Ganz Anderes: Genfärd


(Art by Kristian Olsson)

I have been listening over and over again to Genfärd and I can hear Genfärd playing in the Abbey of Humility. A crushing non-presence, a violence that is so quiet and so fulfilling. The grinding noises, the floating voices are meditative and quietly lead up to the Apocalypse as our technological Nihilism demands its price, its toll. This is the sound of the last industrial machines trying to keep up the last human era before pure Being (a return to the Greeks!) will surface again in its utter splendour and awe. The music demands our devotion to the Sacred, our humilty, and at the same time we enjoy the Sadistic Nature of Being, its cruelty which we can hear through those creeping and screeping sounds. This is an awakening into a state of utter torment and inhumanity.

A non-comforting, a nauseating sense of urgency, radio-frequencies of a past war, a lurking primitivism captivate the listener, take a hold of him and turn him into a Victim-Executioner: the loss of Self.  The music is master! In the distance metallic sounds intersect with suffocating ambient clouds, like the gas clouds described by Jünger in his war novels. The invisible, yet foul smelling Death. Poisonous clouds as messengers of Death that come and go with the wind. The interplay of Death and the Elements. A martial beating of drums that announce the coming of the Svn who gives herself relentlessy and without mercy. Caught within the trenches of Life we must face the inevitable, our Sein-zum-Tode and the Joy before Death that welcomes it. Within Eorthe the putrefaction is at work and this also symbolizes the Alchemical process within us as Adepts of ancient paths, such as the Seven-fold Way of the ONA.


(Art by Kristian Olsson)

This music echoes the Abject core of our inhumanity (and for the chosen ones: a sur-humanity) – the Bataillean abject matter which is alive and pulsing. Genfärd enriches us, flows through our being as its sound is an excremental one:

“Sexual activity, whether perverted or not; the behavior of one sex before the other; defecation; urination; death and the cult of cadavers (above all, insofar as it involves the stinking decomposition of bodies); the different taboos; ritual cannibalism; the sacrifice of the animal-gods; omophagia; the laughter of exclusion; sobbing (which in general has death as its object); religious ecstasy; the identical attitude towards shit, gods and cadavers [….].” (Bataille, the Use-Value of D.A.F. de Sade)

Bataille identifies two polarized human impulses: excretion and appropriation. These are our excremental, orgiastic impulses vis-à-vis our  institutions, traditions, and both come natural to us and are developed through us, and not by us.

The two pillars of the Temple of our Acéphalic Weltanschauung symbolize the extreme “human and all too human” duality of these two impulses and we regard them as an enormous force, as an UR-manifestation of the in-human, the acausal, the black flame within us. Truly religious (re-ligare: the connexion with the Numinous) communities/nexions, dictatorial religious (mysticism of the Blood) states are a prime examples of communities where these impulses are given their freedom and where they both reinforce each other despite their seemingly opposite nature. One must look beyond their appearance and see their cosmic interplay as the cosmic itself is a violent and living organism. We regard das Ganz Anderes, the Bataillean heterogeneous, the radical Other as an important emanation of the Sacred that encompasses everything.

Genfärd is a collection of audible heterogeneous matter, throbbing and active base matter having its own eternal existence. The artist has been able to dive headlong into the Volcano of our impulses and after a careful and alchemical Work has been able to extract the most quintessential Numinous sounds.

Solve et Coagula! Behold the ominous Silence within them. Let the sounds of Genfärd guide you.

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf

The Joy before Death: our eleven acts of sovereign aggression


These acts are based on Bataille’s ‘Les onze agressions’ of his secret group Acéphale. We have adapted some of them as our views differ in some respect, but the core remains Acéphalic, Sovereign and Anti-Human. 

What do we affirm?

  1. Chance & superiority – as a shield against the platitude of the plebian masses!
  2. A collective & strong unity with a Sovereign leader – as a shield against the falseness and the hubris of the modern ‘individual’!
  3. An elective & mystical blood community – as a shield gainst a ‘community’ based on mundane and egalitarian interests!
  4. The religious power of the relentless gift of the tragic self – as a shield against a military power based on material / emotional greed, restriction & self-preservation!
  5. A dark future open to radical changes and one which destroys all limits as a shield against the impotent ‘will’ to maintain the status quo!
  6. The tragic violator of the Law as a shield against compassion with the feeble and powerless victims of this modern era!
  7. Respect and admiration for the inexorable cruelty of Nature as a shield against the degrading image of the ‘good’ god of any monotheism!
  8. Free and mad laughter without limits as a shield against any reasonable and ‘scientific’ explination of the absurd universe we live in!
  9. A desire for and a genuine thirst for a great Destiny of the West – even the most worse and terrible-  against the abdication to pessimism or fear!
  10. The total absence of moral security and false foundations as a shield against the appearance of stability based on humane values!
  11. The Joy before Death as a shield against the cult of immortality!

What can you learn from this?

1. Never let the mass and its mundane, unimaginative and banal outlook on life dictate your way. Be imaginative and let chance rule your life.

2. Against the arrogance of the individual – the phantasm of individuality: a higher sense of community beyond petty and personal needs.

3. The history of Europe has shown what ideologies can lead to when they become the property of the masses. The Mysticism of the Blood is an esoteric notion and they are not crude, simplistic words. Underneath the vast blackened cosmos we are no-thing-s; thrown onto this planet left with our imagination. We must remain true to this Earth: bounded by the actual flesh that rots way and becomes one with the Prima Materia, the darkest of all soils. We need a selective order, a new aristocracy that is willing to plunge itself headlong into the Abyss.

Elected are those that share a tragic awareness. Memento Mori. Life offers no ulterior purpose but to experience it to the fullest: the Satanic Arts pay tribute to life’s vitalism and our Being-towards-Death.

Study Nietzsche! Study Heidegger!

4. We give our-selves away; a gift for the Other. Tragically as we are human all too human. Why should we – as a human species – try to survive? There can be no victory in this Kali Yuga. There is only torment as the Age of Brutalism develops itself.

5. Let’s not dwell in the past. Let us learn from the past. Our great traditions, but we must be willing to leave them behind as the Solar Outburst destroys most of life on Earth. The Future demands ever-becoming creation. Become energy! Become forever!

6. Monotheism has installed the Law, and one should aim to trangress it. This is a confirmation and a charge at the same time. Boundaries are there to be crossed. The Black Arts have always been practised at daggers drawn.

7. We are handed over to the Demiurg, the idle god. Let us accept over fate and be victorious in our futile rebellion. God does not offer any reconciliation for his place is empty and devoid of any hope. At the Left side of the Deus Absconditus, der verborgene Gott the Emptiness awaits us all.

Nature is most cruel and we are one of its most inventive and passionate instruments. Let us celebrate sadism, masochism for we are multi-perverse beings (Freud).

8. Let us not take our-selves too seriously. Consider the writings of Lovecraft. We are powerless in the hands of the Ancients, the Dark Gods, and as we can hear their mad laughter, standing before their altar (Deathspell Omega), we should join them. Their laughter is infectious. Ratio versus non-knowledge. Let us not be scientists, but alchemists of the flesh and the spirit.

9. There is no room for pessimism or fear for these affects paralyse our imagination. A tragic awareness does not hinder one’s creative powers. On the contrary, art for art’s sake, violence for violence’s sake, strengthen one’s resoluteness.

10. The Absence of ground and foundation opens up a multiplicity of possibilities and meanings. We do not coincide with our ‘selves’ because these are fictitious. Lacanian: we coincide with our Desire; it is our ever-lasting Desire that keeps us going. Ideologies offer imaginary resting-places while we should enjoy our energetic nature, the flux of becoming. Acausal becoming as we become nexions for the Dark Gods. Always grow!

11. We have been cursed with a wish for immortality against the Death Drive that truly fuels us. Monotheism, causal gnosticism, luciferianism … despite the formal differences they all promise a release from our gefallenheit. A terminus where we can sleep easily to all eternity. Bataille called Christianity the religion of work for the believer has to earn the remission of sins. While this does not apply to for example gnosticism or luciferianism there is an inherent enmity towards finitude. Instead of experiencing life to the fullest and eagerly accepting its extremes … Joy before Death.

Immortality does not belong to one personally. One becomes immortal by ever-becoming impersonal, by accepting the Void. A return to the Prima Materia.

Source: “Les onze agressions” from L’Apprenti Sorcier (Editions de la Différence, 1999). My interpretation!

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf


                                                                 The Cosmic Abbey

Humility and ego-less devotion

As I am studying Heidegger, one of his central critiques is what he regards as ‘productionist metaphysics’. The original Greek and pagan world view (to which D. Myatt refers to as well in his Alchemical writings) is one of awe, bewilderment, a Dyonisian devotion to the boundelss Cosmic, to Being itself, Being in the purest of all senses, namely beyond human contamination.

The pure and original Cosmic or ‘the Holy Wilderness’ (Hölderlin) of which the Essence manifests itself through our Dasein, but which does not in anyway serve us. NON SERVIAM. Bataille called it the Sacred, and Heidegger referred to it by the Old Gods. But that does not matter in the end, words are just used to refer, but the Real manifests/presences itself through our Dasein and this demands either a ruthless non-presence or a mystical non-presence.

The ‘I’ does not matter at all, and this is very hard for us humans. For every time there is a new Beginning, a new Era, a leader stands up and he soon forgets his utterly cosmic non-signficance. The new Era starts off as something ‘Other’ but human pride, self-centredness, the Will to achieve something take over. As humans we must learn to be humble, to serve, to give up our Will to Will and recognize our Being-towards-Death. After the Pre-Socratics productionist metaphysics started to develop because of Plato’s world of ideas, the magian religions, the Enlightenment with its emphasis on utilitarian Science and positivism, industrialism and most recently the digital revolution.

With regard to the ‘magickal’ paths such as the various demonologies, cabbalism, chaos magick, the whole Golden dawn circus, the spooky black magical traditions, wicca: they all suffer from egotism, from the Will to Will. It is all about ‘spell working’, ‘getting results’, demons/angels serving the great sorceror…. There is no sense of the all-Powerful Cosmic at all. These magicians regard themselves as the origin, the source while they are nexions, vessels through which the Sacred, the Acausal manifests itself.  ‘What is the greatest ritual ever performed? Have I summoned all demons, what are my results, am I more powerful, smarter, and so on?’ Self-centred, egotistic metaphysics dressed up smartly. The whole addiction to so-called grimoires… One can keep on inventing new grimoires but it is always the same: new names but old servants. Nothing more, nothing less. In the end, as Myatt taught us: it is all about humility, devotion, love for the cosmic.

I went through the whole grimoire stuff, but now I have arrived at a point where I wish to return to the very essence of Being. When I was in the Provence I used to watch the sky at night, listen to the sounds of Nature. Of course this is nothing compared to the adepts that have performed the Black Pilgrimage, but each chooses his own battles. It is about a return to Nothingness and choosing to devote oneself, one’s art, one’s writings, one’s deeds, one’s Love to something insignificantly greater. This can be thing of Beauty, but also one of ugliness and inhuman cruelty as Bataille has shown us. Rise above the Mass, what Heidegger called ‘Das Man’ and look beyond the hegemonic ideologies. NON SERVIAM: lose the head. I am learning myself to become a Vessel for forces from beyond: an Alchemical change.

The West can no longer continue this way as the nihilistic technological Age must come to an end. Heidegger was convinced that National Socialism would have brought that change, but it did not. All too soon National Socialism forgot its esoteric roots and became stuck in the war, in industrialism. But the Essence remains and much can be learned from this.  Let us not forget this: we must turn to the Dyonisian rapture, the eruption of the Solar Anus and become anti-human again. True authencity is connected with our Gnostic roots: the Acephalic Gods whose essence lies deep witin our Soul and which connects us to the Earth. Staying true to the Earth is a cure for our Hubris.

Von Sanngetall, 128yf