VRIL and the 7FW

Feeling inspirational. Vril-ya! The power of the Vril permeates the 7FW. It transcends and disrupts the 7 stages of Alchemical growth. The Vril stands for the challenges ahead both for man and his civilization as organism. 

Vril is the power of the Urmensch, the total man (Serrano). The force of the Vril is Victorious! Become possessed by it! 333!

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf

Pagan Epiphany 

Painting by Bouguereau: La Jeunesse de Bacchus, 1884

On the 6th of January we celebrate the Epiphany of the Greek Pagan Solar deities. Dionysus emerges again from the Darkness. He manifests his Madness when he appears from the winter Night he has gone through. Acéphalic Ecstasy! The young Bacchus celebrates his rebirth. 

A Return to our Greek origins as Heidegger and Myatt would point to. A most glorious day for our Abendland! Hail! 333!

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf 

The Life Force

Long walks through the forest can reveal unto us so much natural beauty. Bataille and his Acéphale group performed rituals in the forest as well. There is such a wholesome power at work: a true Life Force which transcends our Sein-zum-Tode. In Death we will be reunited.

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf

Wood paths

Les Ardennes, Belgium 

During last autumn we went to the Ardennes which is a region in Belgium that still has some forests. We enjoyed the Silence and the Quietude. 

“‘Wood’ is an old name for forest. In the wood are paths that mostly wind along until they end quite suddenly in an imprenetable thicket. They are called ‘wood paths’. Each goes its peculiar way, but in the same forest. Often it seems as though one were identical to another. Yet it only seems so. Wood cutters and foresters are familiar with these paths. They know what it means to be on a wood path.”

Heidegger, Holzwege. 

(A most beautiful quote used in the booklet of the music compilation dedicated to one of my favorite artists Riefenstahl. The quote was selected by the band Strength Through Joy. As I’m reading Spengler’s magnum opus on the organic nature of cultures and civilizations, the image and the song ‘Ways Strength and Beauty’ are most fitting.)

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf

Meditation in Les Dentelles (France)

These are pictures I took this summer when we followed a mountain path in Les Dentelles in the Provence. I do not claim to be a mountain climber as I am afraid of heights. Yet following and trying out a steep mountain path was a very healthy challenge which I intend to undertake again when we go back to Les Dentelles this Spring.

For Evola the physical conquest of a mountain, with all the courage, self-transcendence and mental lucidity that it entails, becomes an inseparable and complementary part of spiritual awakening.” (meditations on a peak) 

This is very true as you challenge yourself, your Hubris, and you become part of the elements. A truly life affirming and transformative experience. As a means of self-transcendence this is our Sacred Duty in this Kali Yuga.

Many ancient cultures chose mountains as the abodes of their gods and considered the rigorous ascent of peaks as the task of heroes and initiates. In modern times, which tend to suffocate the heroic with naked self interest, the mountain still forms part of the profound dimension of spirit where the soul finds within itself more than what it thought itself to be.” (Mountains on a peak)

The Mountain is also an important Alchemical symbol as it stands for one’s inner quest for the Grail. The Mountain exemplifies the seven stages of inner growth. One must stand in awe and bewilderment (Heidegger) for the majestic greatness of the mountain for he is a mighty giant that protects the Numinous forces of Eorthe. 

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf