Noble Spirits unite!

In the present age the most Noble Spirits have not choice but to unite in order to strengthen the Worker-Soldier and the Eagle. This strong Alchemical Union of the New World, as visioned by Jünger & Heidegger,  and the Ancient Earth, which is the very  beacon of all wisdom, of all poetry. For us Europeans […]

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Accelerationism II

The Heraclitean Struggle between Eorthe and the World: a continuous vortex of Numinous energy.  This acceleration is the birthplace of Aeonic change, of a birth-ing of the Light that will once again en-lighten this dark Earth. There is no point in denying: we are living in the Endzeit, and everyone feels that change is coming. […]

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The authentic Role of Art

We find Heidegger’s view on the role of the work of art, on the role of poetry most refreshing. The work of art, and poetry in particular, “could help to make possible the non-representational, non-calculative, meditative thinking which would usher in the post-metaphysical age”[1]. Heidegger referred to classic poets such as Homer but also to […]

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