The Inner Imperium

“Through history, the Imperium has always meant conquest of land and territory. Now it is time to return to the Gnostic conception of the Empire, the Inner Imperium, which can free us from the enslavement of das Gestell (Heidegger), of the desires created by the Modern World. The Inner Imperium ensures the spiritual possibility to […]

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Marching on!

The Eternal Cult of Speed and Violence. One’s inner Struggle never ceases and the Alchemical Process is never ending. As heroic individuals in this Kali Yuga we have no choice but to contribute to the Greater Cause each according to his /her talents. No egocentric actions but selfess actions.  There is no place for hubris […]

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The Sigil of Joy Before Death

This is our Sigil of Joy before Death! Death remains central in our Weltanschauung. We are beings-towards-Death for Death unites us tragically. Our Acéphalic Alchemy  celebrates Birth, Death and Rebirth, and this process contiuously. If we truly want to be Heroic, and thus transgress the limitations of the modern world, we must accept our mortality, […]

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Accelerationism I

We have no choice but march on towards the Æon of Fire! This Aeon will prepare us for the Second Beginning. The Announcement of the Light. We are unstoppable for we are “ferociously religious” (Bataille)! Violence and revolution are an integral part of our existence, our being here on Earth. These immortal elements should not […]

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