Look for the interior of Eorthe: the Rubedo


The Red King and the Rubedo

In the first part we described the four elemental processes: the Fire of the Calcinatio, the Air of the Sublimatio, the Water of the Solutio & the Earth of the Putrefactrio. By going through these processes the Alchemical wandered experiences the Nigredo and the Albedo and as such he stands at the Gates of the Rubedo, the Red making. This is the Formula of the Great Transformation: the black lead is turned into white silver and in the final stage this becomes the red gold.

The Rubedo starts with the connexion of the white and the red; the Alchemical marriage as a symbol of the integration of psychic antitheses. Now we will see how the Wanderer is transformed spiritually through these three processes and how he becomes a whole person. Red, as we all know, is the colour of Vitality, Blood & Fire, the Golden Age, Holy War (internal & external). The Red  in Alchemy does not represent a sterile cerebrality, but one’s thinking and reflecting is deeply emotional as one feels and recognizes the ancient connexion with the Heimat, the pagan Gods, Europa, the Mysticism of the Blood & the Grail, … And as you grow alchemically you  detach yourself from what Heidegger referred to as ‘Das Man’, the ‘They’ who all believe to be ‘unique individuals’ free from whatever connexion. Your Spiritual evolution will lead you, headlessly, to the realm of Eternal Truths (the One and All) where you will have to recognize you human unimportance as compared to the Cosmos. The Enlightenment and Humanism all of the sudden placed Man at the centre of the Universe as God was pronounced dead. But Nietzsche aimed at the enslaving Christian God, a magian invention, and this did not invalidate the Sacred, the Metaphysical realm. Alchemy as an integral part of the Western Mystery cults teaches us another truth and this has been causally translated in Romanticism, Völkish Nationalism/regionalism, Symbolism and Expressionism.  

1)The first process is the distillation and this functions as a filter as the Earthen element is left behind. The Alchemist stays true to the Earth as his body is bound to it, to Nature, but he will transcend it spiritually and his body & blood make room for the new Spirit / the Geist. Through the four elemental processes the Alchemist’s old and primitive Soul has been tested most thoroughly and as the Earth is burning and his body turned into ash, the Alchemist welcomes the Geist that will seek connexion with his Soul. The Soil of the West has been thoroughly defiled during this magian aeon as Western man has not only corrupted his body, but also his soul by selling it to socialist, capitalist, Christian doctrines. This Soil must burn in order to cleanse it so that the Geist can find its Vessel once again. The Western Alchemist who stayed true to the Western Mystery Cult and the Völkish values will take in his hand the holy torch. The Acéphalic has no fear as he holds in his right hand the Sacred burning Heart as a symbol of Decisiveness. Decisions must be taken and this is not the time to listen to the multiple voices of ‘Das Man’. The plebeian ‘they’ that kneel before the new humanist gods.

The Distillatio stands for the Struggle of which Heidegger and the Conservative Revolution spoke: a renewal, a Palingenisis in order to reconnect the European Dasein with the Geist to save the Sacred Essence of the Grail from the filth and corruption that has infected the West. The Geist will not only enrapture the Alchemist, but he will be spiritually stronger in order to rediscover “the inner greatness” of Europa and its regions, and as a reborn Templar he must raise his sword to fight against the infidels and inferior ideas that have been defiling the Western Soul since the domination of what Heidegger calls a productionist metaphysics (the ruling of result, production, …).

2) Then follows the Coagulatio: a phase in which the Soul becomes more and more enraptured and thus cleansed by the Geist and the original Gnosis. The esoteric Bible speaks of a new Earth and a new Heaven.  The Alchemist’s insight in and understanding of his Dasein, his Being-with-Others and Being-in-World becomes transcendental when he rediscovers the Sacred Mission of the West. A Mission that once was crystal clear when the Mystery of the Grail was brought from the East to the West in order to shine most brilliantly in das Abendlandes. The Grail was passed on from the Arthur, the Celts, to the Cathars, Western Mystery Cults, Völkisch cults, new teutonic Templars and now it is hidden deep within our Blood once more. We must leave this infested Earth behind as its decline is inevitable, but it is our duty to take with us the Innermost Purity of the Grail in order to fuel our Dasein’s transformation. The Coagulatio phase makes on solid and stable again after the previous elemental and spiritual changes, and thus we become combative and strong again as Pure and Noble Daseins are supposed to be.

3) As we enter the seventh process, the tincture, or the extraction of the Essence, the quinta essentia of our life becomes clear to us. This is the fifth element that wipes away all the differences and opposites. Our Soul has been renewed and we are no longer enrooted in the infected Earth, but our roots have become transcendental for they pass on the Energy that comprises us. Our body, Soul and the Geist are interconnected. It is the Alchemical marriage of the King and the Queen and this can be witnessed in the upper room of the Alchemical mountain as you can see the rise of the Phoenix. The seven stages of the Soul  have been opened and experienced and the Grand Opus is finished.

Note: it is very important to realize that as an Alchemist you are not in charge of these fundamental changes and transformations. You may be looking for the Grail, but it will find you as you must be ready and worthy to ‘open’ yourself, to accept these changes and become a receptive vessel. As Heidegger maintained change manifests itself in Dasein and it discloses new possibilities, ancient truths. David Myatt told this as well: be humble and accept with love and compassion. In the West one is driven by cause and result, producing things, being productive, becoming and making instrumental. This was Bataille’s main criticism of the West as well. Technology and industrialism has changed us, stamped us (Gestalt, Jünger) into these automatons who no longer enjoy sudden changes from within, and that manifest themselves acausally. Even the occult, with its Black Magick, is driven by results, by attaining wealth, and so on.

Instead of being enslaved by results we must free our-selves and learn to become receptive vessels in which the seven stages of the Alchemical Opus can occur. Heidegger meant by being a ‘disclosive event’, a sudden disclosure, an acausal manifestation so to speak. He meant something that was prior to and more basic than the entities disclosed through it: a self-manifesting, a presencing beyond cause-and-effect explanations. It is about gaining access to a feeling of unlimitedness, the archetypical world of our Western collective unconscious.  Let us therefore not hesitate and start the Great Work.  

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf

Literature consulted:

  • Alchemy and Psychology
  • Heidegger’s confronation with Modernity
  • Rosicrucian sources    


Look for the interior of Eorthe!


The Road of the Alchemical Wanderer, the initiation into Traditional Mysteries can be compared with the Path leading up to a mountain and this is shown here on this Alchemical emblem. This particular Path is most difficult and treacherous, and it demands our devotion and attention. This devotion can take several forms (Sinister, Martial, Mystic, artistic …), but these are just causal ‘translations’, or emanations if you will, of a Great inner transformation of our wrestling Soul, an Inner Experience as Bataille described this. 

This Road is a sevenfold one and this is the planetary foundation of the Alchemical Opus. In the interpretation (as there is not one truth, for these are just descriptions, words, …) I will offer here, I will make the distinction between the four elemental processes (our earthly existence) and the spiritual (our ex-sistence; our original standing out of earth) ones. Our Acéphalic Mysticism is Gnostic in origin: we firmly believe in Eorthe, our connexion with Nature, our Soil & Heimat, the Flesh & the Blood, eroticism & sexuality, our Art & Traditions but like the Gnostics, we are aware of an eternal undercurrent, a Cosmic  connexion at the core of our ex-sistence. In essence we are not ‘at home’ here for we are separated from the Great Void, the Cosmic, the Acausal but as possible Nexions we have the duty to invite the Acausal forces into this temporary world in order to ignite the Sacred Flame. It is our duty to ‘open up’ the Gates of this earthly Temple (again) and to welcome the Numinous.  At this present moment the West, which once was the culmination point of the great Alchemical Traditions, is dying due to the hegemony of mundane ideologies, petty politics, materialism, the capitalist digital revolution, and so on. The West has been de-spiritualized and some believe that man has taken the place of god. The Divine is within man, but it is far greater and it reaches beyond our limited rational confines. We must therefore explore the sevenfold Road.

1. The first step is the Calcinatio, the process of Fire or Purification. You must be able to open yourself for the living water of the Greater and Unresolved Mysteries and then, and only then, a spiritual Fire will ignite your Soul. This purifying fire is able to detach us from mundane habits and ways of thinking, from hubristic ideologies that only have limited and purely functional purposes. It is very easy to grow attached to these ways of thinking and reasoning and these form unconscious ties which have a causal source. These ties keep us bound to Eorthe but in a non-mystical sense. The Fire of Purification is able to destroy our utilitarian view, our material attachment and our anthropentric point of view which was installed after the Enlightenment.

2. The second step is the Sublimatio, the chemical process of heating, vaporization and distilling (Air). This is a most precious work as this demands time and subtlety. Adding too much air can make us dizzy and it may disorient us. It demands that the Alchemist detaches himself from his-self and learns that the Work he is doing does not lead to personal benefit. This is not the classic self-absorbed black magician who claims to be doing important alchemical work while aiming for personal profit. So, there is no difference between the magian manager, the capitalist, the socialist who are all working in terms of their world views. No, the work of the Alchemist, and most certainly, the Sinister Alchemist, goes beyond personal gain and demands refinement according to the gifts and talents one is given. The Alchemist dedicates his actions and his Blood to the Sovereign and the Imperial. Because of the Sublimatio one’s life has become a stage where one is able to witness and judge one’s own behavior. The Dark Gods are merely guides but they will not judge you. Do not expect them to judge you the way a magian masochistally craves to be punished by his god. Regard your own behavior and apply the chemical processes. Be harsh on yourself and thus gain more insight, more distance. Control your emotions and master them for they are the worst of all teachers. After the Sublimatio (self)-criticism and (self)-judgement you will be able to form and sculpt your character.

3. The process of Solutio or the water process. The complete surrender of yourself and the surpassing of the ‘I’ have lead to the earthly process. The Water stands for the unconscious and thus this means that the Alchemist is ready for cleaning up his psyche and a fundamental change within the Blood. Let the Water stream like a psychic river taking with it bad habits, mundane ideas which were instilled by your education, by old teachers, and which have become compulsory. Once again become creative, rediscover your acausal source as we humans were once connected to the Continuum. Our Gefallenheit has taken this away but become aware of your Gnostic origin, your competences which go beyond the present time and which teach man to be obedient vessels, machines that serve globalism,… Because of the process of Solutio the Destiny of the West will become focused again as it stands for a liberation of a self that has been created for you and as you take control again (struggle if necessary!), this false self will slowly lose its dominant position. Mind you, there is no ‘true self’ at the end of the Road. The ‘True Self’ has been a magian fabric (Kabbalah, Golden Dawn, Crowley, …) which is still dominant an popular in today’s occulture and New Age thinking. A truly dedicated and most humble approach is the insight that the Destiny of the West (the Imperium as a return to the Sacred) overreaches one’s personal and feeble position. The Alchemical Work reaches beyond the construct of a ‘finite human self’, as the deadly rays of the Black Svn burn away all these selfish and  hubristic presumptions. As you continue along the Alchemical Path you devote the energy within your Blood to the “One and All”.

4. Then the fourth, and according to the Alchemists the most important process, commences. The Putrefactio coincides with the Element of the Earth. Here we witness how matter / Ego perishes to ashes. Thanks to this ash the Soil becomes fertile again, and thus it can receive the gold (the power of the Blood) or the acausal forces so they can flourish. If this happens within the Alchemist, he is ready to communicate with the Continuum and he becomes a Nexion. The mortification which occurs during this fourth process is exemplified in the bible by the beheading of the Apostle John (a hermetic reading of course). This beheading is very important and it stands for the Acéphalic, namely utilitarian reason makes room for another kind of thinking, namely thinking with the heart and the Spirit. The Acéphale is headless and in his hands he holds the burning heart and the bloodied ritual dagger. Both are ritual symbols denoting the Blood Opher and the Quest of Spiritualization. In Alchemy this image of spiritualization is the Phoenix that rises from the ashes and you can see him on the Alchemical emblem. The Quest brings you to the Inner Earth where the Phoenix arises from the ash. This Phoenix stands for what once was Sovereign and Traditional as those eternal values are waiting to re-emerge from the depths of Eorthe (and your Blood). We are just vehicles that can make this happen once again for the Sacred union of Blood & Soil is a most powerful weapon. The French Revolution created the ugly headed monster of rationalism, demystification, equality and secularization. This monster has served man’s Ego and the Alchemist takes upon the Sacred duty to decapitate this hideous invention.    

These are the four elemental processes (Fire, Air, Water & Earth) and these are the first steps of this 7FW. These processes cover the Nigredo and the Albedo. In our next blog post we will describe the last three spiritual steps leading up to the Rubedo and the discovery of the Tinctura, the essence of our Being.  

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf

Source: Rosicrucian teachings     

The Death of the King


In order to awaken your “Sinisterly-Numinous” nature you need to turn away from the mechanics of what Georges Bataille describes as the homogeneous order which in the alchemical emblem is depicted as the city, a sign of a victorious civilization. The world of the city with its trade, commercialism and technics can be seen as a beautiful example of mankinds Faustian nature, namely his blind will to achieve results, his will-to-know, his will to conquer Eorthe, and above all his longing after immortality.  One may ask whether this is necessarily a bad thing? And our answer is: No! Western man has proven his greatness because of this Promethean essence. But, and we refer to Bataille, mankind should NEVER become a willess slave of this Promethean drive. As depicted in the Alchemical emblem we witness a drowning King who represents the mortality of a divine body / Ego. In order to ‘control’ and spiritually develop our Promethean essence and to steer it into direction of the higher Destiny of the West, even divinity itself must be put to the test. Today the man in the West has sacralized his humanity leading up to his disastrous and most hubristic actions. 

The central figure in this Alchemical emblem is the King. As an archetype the King represents a “superior personality exalted above the ordinary, he has become the carrier of myth, that is to say, of the statements of the collective unconscious.” (Jung) Bataille as well regarded the King as a sovereign being, as representing something other. The crown of the King “symbolizes his relationship with the sun” (Jung) and this his solar nature. In his important work ‘The Golden Bough’ J.G. Frazer analyses the pagan Weltanschauung and he described how the pagan gods were seen as mortal (as opposed to the Magian gods). The great gods of the Egyptian civilization, the Greek high gods all died at one point, and if the King was seen as a divine embodiment, “a god who lodges in a frail tabernacle of flesh” (Frazer) why should he escape the same fate? Therefore the man-god would grow old and become feeble at one point and in order to prevent the King from suddenly dying and the potential loss of his divine Soul, the King had to be put to death. This would ensure the transference of his Soul to his youthful successor. Frazer describes such ritual actions by ancient tribes and also refers to mysterious disappearances of Roman kings. Sometimes the King did not have to die himself but a sacrifice was appointed. Frazer refers to Scandinavian traditions:

Scandinavian traditions contain some hints that of old the Swedish kings reigned only for periods of nine years, after which they were put to death or had to find a subsitute to die in their stead. Thus Aun or On, king of Sweden, is said to have sacrificed to Odin for lenght of days and to have been answered by the god that he should live so long as he sacrificed one of his sons every ninth year. He sacrificed nine of them in this manner, and would have sacrificed the tenth and last, but the Swedes would not allow him. So he died and was burried in a mouth at Upsalla. (Frazer)

As the Alchemical tradition is in essence a pagan one the Archetype of the King is therefore mortal as well, despite the magian influences. In the emblem we see that the King is almost drowning: his body  is situated on the border of the element ‘air’ (consciousness) and the element ‘water’ (unconsciousness). What is being shown here, is the start of the transformation of the King “from an imperfect state into a perfect, whole and incorruptible essence” (Jung). He is becoming old and it is time to transfer his Soul

The King holds his head above the water, so his thinking, his ratio is free and not tempered by the unconscious forces: water typifies the lunar unconscious. His heart is in the water as the heart is the chamber of one’s emotions. According to Jung the dissolution of the heart in water corresponds to “the union of male with the female” (coniunctio). The King’s pelvis concentrates the magnetic tensions which tie us to our past and they are in the water as well. The past of the West is something which we should be proud of and this triggers our emotions.

Now, when we look further at the drawing we notice that the King is drifting away from the world of Arbeit as he holds his palms upwards as if he wants to push the city away. This is an important Alchemical gesture of the will to transform. Furthermore he stretches his arm like a Christ-figure which depicts his willingness to surrender as the gnostic Christ gave up his divinity when he was nailed at the cross. But that does not mean that one is weak or a willing victim. This open attitude is one that invites the Sinisterly-Numinous forces in order to enter the Nigredo. The legs are crossed as this refers to one’s decisiveness. You should not be hesistant to enter the Nigredo as this is necessary for your transformation, your alchemical growth. Being in the water, being baptized by this element shows that the Alchemist is ready to dissolve (solutio) his ego-centred thinking / willing / feeling. One’s triparite nature (Salt, Sulphur, Mercury) must be set free from self-centred and mundane aspirations which roam the city. Your hubristic mindset dissolves in the water in order to be able to focus yourself on the Sacred tasks that lie ahead. In order for the King’s essence to be reborn in the homunculus the old King had to die first. The drowing symbolizes this Alchemical act. 

As described by Atu XV (ONA) you must achieve a liberation and unchain yourself from temporary abstractions, ideas, and dissolve (solutio) those in the moonlit waters (the dark pathway from the Moon to Mercury) of terror. You become an ‘accuser’ as by drifting away from the mundane world you become sceptical and no longer affected. By inviting the acausal forces a higher consciousness can be achieved. Consciousness and unconsciousness become one (coniuctio) and this allows the alchemist to presence repressed, ‘malevolent’ forces that can alter 1) your own spiritual development and 2) the direction the West is heading towards. The Alchemical principle of ‘One is all’ and the insight both a civilization and we are interconnected organisms reveal the massive responsiblity you have with regard to the occult Destiny of the West. A Destiny that is not troubled by hubris, enslavement to mindless ‘progress’, but a Destiny that is Sacred and Cosmic. As Spengler writes:

“it makes a great difference whether anyone lives under the constant impression that his life is an element in a far wider life-course that goes on for hundreds and thousands of years, or conceives himself as something rounded off and self-containted.” (The Decline of the West, p. 7)    

If your worldview is self-contained, caught within the city, there is no possibility for a further development of your Soul as it is trapped. Within the city, the world of Arbeit, your view is limited, but if you venture out in the dissolving water, you can open yourself to the eternal Geist and you recognize yourself as an organically and spiritually indispensable part of the Destiny-community (Schicksalsgemeinschaft, Heidegger).  One must get rid of the ‘old King’ within.

Therefore you should not be afraid to venture into the waters of the unconscious for this is the start of the Alchemical Opus. And as the West is in decline (it is drowning) now, we have to the duty to prepare a change, “a creative Change” (Exeat), namely a transference of its rich Soul to a worthy successor. The transformation process of the Alchemist involves seeking “a presence of what is new and alternative”. The inaugeration of a new aeon is needed. The goal of the Sinister Tradition (ONA – TBO)  “is this aiding of our species to seed the stars.” , namely a Galactic vision (Exeat).  The first step involves revitalizing the drowning corpus of the West and re-invoking the magnificent and regal Destiny-community which will offer a solid and spiritual foundation for the Galactic Empire.

Agios O Noctulius!

Von Sanngetall, 128yf

Sources used:

Exeat: The Sinister Western Tradition (ONA)

-Mysterium Coniunctionis (Jung)

-The Golden Bough (Frazer)

-The Decline of the West (Spengler)


The Eagle: symbol of Sol

The Black Svn rises

And this the Eagle, that King of birds, spreads his imperial wings

In his frightening flight he takes the deadly rays of Sol with him

The Wheel of Life & Death spins as the Eagles seeks his prey

The Last Man in his sight; inescapable and weak

The Todesrune symbolizes his inevitable demise.

Ragnarokr is announced as the King shrieks from dazzling heights. He is here to stay and reign again!

The mystical Heart of the Acephalic ignites. Passion and the will to live has returned. Merciless; the dagger is sharpened.

The Eagle’s eye pierces the Sky. The King calls for a new Æon. One the All!

Agios O Vindex.

Von S, 128 yf

One To All: Meditation on the Great Work

Based on the Tree of Wyrd of the Sinister Tradition (ONA). Poetic ‘explanation’ of the symbols and sources used will follow.

More info on the correspondences: The Seven Spheres & Alchemy by Acausality.

Von S, 127 yf