The Joy before Death: Cosmic Suffering

Our Celebration of a genuine Joy before Death, our Sein-zum-Tode, our Sovereignty and  anti-humanism. Any authentic Mysticism seeks a union with the non-human Origin, Our Bataillean Path has lead us to everlasting despair and sado-masochistic non-union. Our Prophet Bataille meditated on the picture above, namely a picture of Chinese method of Torture. A genuine act […]

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                                                                 The Cosmic Abbey Humility and ego-less devotion As I have been studying Heidegger, one of his central critiques is what he regards as […]

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SIR:the pathway to the Sphere of Sol

You have just passed through the Sphere of Love and Ecstacy and this has transformed you into an Empathic Being, a Being amongst other Beings, a Being-with-Others. Look back at the seperatedness from which you suffered on the causal plane. The Alchemical Transformation has slowly, but steadily, beheaded you, and you have left instrumental Reasoning behind. […]

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