The Solar Hero

Solar-Hero2We need models of soldierly resoluteness in the face of Death. To take upon oneself, with the most authentic resoluteness possible, that responsibility of one’s Death takes courage and truly defines a Hero. Only a true hero is blessed by this moment of vision where an image of a future awakening of the West blesses his Soul so he can die believing in the future.
(based on Heidegger’s speeck on a fallen war hero)

“it is war which has made human beings and their age what they are. Never before has a race of men like ours advanced into the arenas of the earth to decide who is to wield power over the epoch. For never before has a generation entered the daylight of life from a gateway so dark and awesome as when they emerged from this war. And this we cannot deny, no matter how much some would like to: War, father of all things, is also ours; he has hammered us, chiselled and tempered us into what we are….” (Ernst Jünger)

“The Temple Nietzsche set out to destroy, was that of morality. The NIetzschean hero, like his classical counterpart, is a breaker of taboos and custom. Like the proud Oedipus, the hero kills his father and sleeps with his mother. He blasphemes, he violates and he destroys. Out of the ashes emerges a new regime.” (F. Nietzsche and the Politics of the Soul)

New design. The beautiful and futurist statue of Yuri Gagarin rises and emerges from the Solar Storm. The Earth is burning, tornadoes of Fire are raging. From the ashes a new Regime of Heroism emerges. My futural artistic vision… The Rise of the Solar Hero.

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