The Seal of Awakening

“Gibor-Altar!” – God the All-Begetter! – God is the giver, and the Earth receives his gifts. But the Earth is not only the receiver, she is also in turn a giver.”

As Guido Von List teaches us there is an indivisible cohesion of man and divinity, of man and the Sacred. There is not only a downward flow from the Sky / the Cosmic to the Earth, there is also an upward flow. The Earth gives, and this makes us think of Heidegger’s view on Aletheia: the coming into the Light. A flower that blossoms reveals a beauty that was already hidden within the plan itself, the trees that grow reveal themselves and thus their stem and leaves connect the roots with the Sky.  The Roots are given water by the Sky, but the root give beautiful leaves, flowers, fruits and so on. 

Behold, in the centre of the Seal, the eighteenth Rune that ‘substitutes the Holy Fyrfos or Hook-Cross. The Rune which is called ‘ge’ or gifa / gibor, means ‘gift, giver, god, earth, death.’ The “gift-begetting earth’ and the ‘gift-burn’ God. As men we sacrifice for our ancient Gods: we sacrifice our work, our Art, our thoughts & meditations to the Holiness of the Ancient Gods who will once again return to the Earth.

This Seal which was revealed unto me, which revealed itself to me as I was drawning it, as I was compelled to draw it, has so many hidden meanings it is impossible for me to describe them or offer any ‘rational’ explination. There is simply nothing to explain for there is the Seal. Its alchemical colours of white, red and black refer to the Magnum Opus that is Life itself, the manifestation of the Inner Imperium, the manifestation of a hidden Greatness that will rebuild Europa, with or without our help.

The Seal has a military vigour, an energy which permeates our daily business, which shocks and shows something ‘other’: a grandeur, a heroic essence which has been forgotten now in this decaying modern world. The Seal stands for something that will forever remain and that was omnipresent: older than mankind and more precious than any beholder.  The Seal concludes the primal essence of Western esoteric paths that celebrate the Sacred, that celebrate sisterhood and Männerbundes. Communities devoted to the Sacred, to the divine aristocratic.

The Seal is the fourfold cross uniting Man and Demigod, Sky and Earth. The twelve Sol-runes form the Black Sun, as one of the most Sacred symbols of the West. Around the Sol Runes the gear refers to Sacred Arbeit, to a mystical devotion beyond our Everydayness.  The Seal locks and unlocks but this not for inauthentic beholders. Enjoy its pure beauty and the Light which shines forth from it.

Von Sanngetall


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