No alternative

“Here we come to the root of the matter: our values are those of the Spirit, and their values [Communism] are those of materialism. No religious controversy is posed in this: a simple difference is stated. If our values are not spiritual values, our Struggle and our Sacrifice have no purpose. We strive, not merely for the material satisfaction of a transient generation: we strive for the emergence of ever higher forms upon this earth. It is not merely a question of changing material environment, important as this work is: even more it is a question of changing man himself. We reject alike the Communist conception of man as a material animal and any faith of complacency which treats him already as a perfect image or reflection of the Deity. Man is neither animal nor a God; he is a striving being in a world of flux and becoming, who will either revert to a final nothing or win heights of achievement and of being whose divine sunlight would dazzle present eyes to blindness. he must lose all or win all; he has no alternative: and his redeeming achievement is to transcend himself in a higher form. To stand still, or even to remain himself, is to fail.”

Oswald Mosley, The Alternative

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