Let us wage War on Happiness (to which modernity is addicted)

“En premier lieu, nous dénonçons toutes les entreprises, toutes les positions et tous les programmes actuels, que’ils soient révolutionaires, démocratiques ou nationaux, comme l’oeuvre de menteurs dissimulant une faillité que crève les yeux: le silence est la seule réponse a l’incontinence des bavards que promettent le bonheur.
Nous ne promettons aucun boneur, nous parlons de virilité. La joie violente que nous apportons se trouve aussi bien dans la mort que dans la réussite et la puissance.
Nous brisons avec toutes les servilités: nous composerons une force autonome en unissant tous ceux qui veulent une destinée humaine et non quelque fonction utile et lucrative.
(Georges Bataille)
Bataille is very clear in these phrases which I copied from one of his texts for his secret group Acéphale.  Bataille declares war on projects, enterprises, on political programmes whether these are revolutionary, democratic or national.  These are all lies, falsities that promise utopia, happiness, … This ‘bavards’ or chatter is not to be taken serious of course.
We are being told that our relentless pursuit of practical knowledge (technology instead of science), our desire to form the ideal society (devoid of any antagonisms), our creations in honour of Beauty (lacking excrement) and finally our morality (hopelessly clinging to the phantasm of man’s inherent goodness) are the fruit of our progress and enlightenment. But isn’t ‘progress’, as Nietzsche stated, merely a modern idea? Is it not a false idea? Should we not speak of depravity instead of enlightenment? We are a depraved species indeed, since we prefer what is harmful to us. Sadly enough, most human animals only long to survive their lamentable life that is nothing but an empty factuality soon forgotten after the bells have tolled, even by their loved ones. Why does the human animal not admit that this basic ‘will-to-live-towards-Death’ is the core of his very existence? This is where our very vitality, of which Bataille speaks, comes from: the Joy before Death. Only when you feel your life being threathened, you become aware of the greater whole, the Cosmic of which the pre-Socratic Greeks spoke.
“Fraternity, equality and freedom” are the so-called universal values that make us human, but it actually is the very lack of fraternity, the lack of equality and the lack of freedom that turns us into Worker-Soldiers, into beings that desire to be heroes in order to transcend their own limitations. One must first see and recognize one’s own shortcomings, one flaws.
Modernity and liberalism as its current ideology sells ‘happiness’: a survival of the most happy person. One must own such a car, have those clothes, see that kind of people, go to certain venues and so on. People have become so insecure because of social media, functioning as the secret weapons of the modern society. Every human animal is supposed to aim for happiness: emotional, material and societal happiness. One must be ‘accepted’ and as such well-being has become a hegemonic ideal. This pursuit of happiness, of interesting projects, of being useful is what I truly see as the ‘opium for the herd animal’.
Bataille’s Acéphale does not promise any happiness whatsoever, no magical tricks, but through loneliness, silence, subversive art (Black Metal, Power Electronics, …) one is able to turn away from Modernity and recognise its true face: a seducer, a malevolent creature that lives from the energy of Hubris. Behind this ideology, behind this screen, we enounter, what Lacan has called, the REAL. Not a Platonic world of Forms, but a realm that exists outside our Symbolic Order. This is what Bataille regards as the Realm of the Heterogeneous: true Evil, the Sacred, Mysticism, Transgressive Art, …. This is beyond the simple world of modernity but it takes us back to the world of autoritarian and sadistic Weltanschauungs. A World of Sacred Violence,  Annihilation, of a continuous Acceleration towards the Endzeit.
It is im-possible to explain this in a few words, for words cannot cover this. However if you would like to have a glimpse of this Heterogeneous Universe, this Acausal Universe, then I invite you to listen to Subhumannhilation or Scatmother. Play this at high volume and enjoy the Pain.
Von Sanngetall

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