“The starting point should be a firm rejection of the principle formulated by Marxism, which summarizes the entire subversion at work tody: the economy is our destiny. We must declare in an uncompromising way that in a normal civilization the economy and the economic interests – understood as the satisfaction of material needs and their more or less artificial appendices – have always played, and always will play, a subordintated function. We must also uphold that beyond the economic sphere an order of higher political, spiritual and heroic values has to emerge, an order that neither knows nor tolerates merely economic classes and does not know the division between ‘capitalism’ and ‘proletarians’; an order in terms of which are to be defined the things worth living and dying for. We must also uphold the need for a true hierarchy and for different dignities, with a higher function of power installed at the top, namely the IMPERIUM.”

Evola, Men amongst Ruins, p. 166 – 167

Von Sanngetall

2 thoughts on “Imperium 

    1. I haven’t read Riding the Tiger yet. I have a copy in French but I do not like reading French books. From what I have read is the Riding the Tigre is his apolitical view. In Men Amongst Ruins he continues the Traditionalist themes but with the focus on a Traditionalist society as opposed to the current situation in the West.

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