Noble Spirits unite!

In the present age the most Noble Spirits have not choice but to unite in order to strengthen the Worker-Soldier and the Eagle. This strong Alchemical Union of the New World, as visioned by Jünger & Heidegger,  and the Ancient Earth, which is the very  beacon of all wisdom, of all poetry. For us Europeans this means a Return to the presocratic Greeks and their spirit of awesomeness, of respect for the  Cosmic. As humans, as embodiments of Joy before Death, we simply do not have a choice. Alas, this is not much appreciated in a age of mediocre ideologies, liberal thinking and so on.

Yet, let us evoke the powers of the Worker-Soldier and the Eagle! The ancient Mytho-poetics of Soil, Blood, Air and Steel. 

Von Sanngetall

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