The Übermensch as Caesar


The Overman / Übermensch

In our Acéphalic Mysticism the Nietzschean Übermensch is a central figure.  Let us refer to Heidegger in his reading of Nietzsche, namely Heidegger described the Übermensch as a “Caesar with the Soul of Christ”.

For Heidegger and for us the Übermensch is a most spiritual and a-gnostic figure. He is “not an ape-like brute [nor] a blond beast” (Heidegger), a Will-less fighting machine or some biologically conceived superman as pronounced by Social Darwinism and its influence on modern ideologies. The Übermensch can never be a product of science like evolutionary biology. We concur with Heidegger that this kind of biology or the pseudo-science of eugenics is nothing but a product of a ‘productionist metaphysics’ that has enslaved the West since Plato. The scientific and industrial revolution has turned everything most radically into a “productionist” mode which has caused man to fall out of Being (Heidegger), out of the Continuous (Bataille). Having become blind and stupid, Western man is gripped by hubris as he wants nothing but to control and measure everything. A scientific ‘Übermensch’ would be a soul-less and artificial creation, a Faustian invention in overdrive of which the creator is not an alchemist, but a cold and rational surgeon. This type of Overman is nothing but a rational consequence of the modern man’s addiction to management, rationalisation, science & calculus.

This is not the committed creation of an Alchemist who does not rely on outcome, but who focusses on the quality of the Grand Opus and who regards himself as the Vessel instead of a cold engineer. Our Übermensch is not a product or instrument, nor is he an output of some laboratory, but he is a most ingenious process, an Alchemical state of mind which goes back to the Early Greeks. This proud Volk with a most sincere Pagan awareness!

As modern Western man is definitely out of touch with Dasein, Heidegger regarded the Übermensch as a  salfivic figure. As a Janus faced figure, he possesses the Sacred essence of Jünger’s Man of Steel and Hölderlin’s mystical Poet. As Janus the Übermensch presides over the beginning and the ending, over the Heraclitean Struggle as a whole. With Janus we emphasize the idea of change, of transition in our Mysticism. We need a figure that, like the double face of Janus, can look at the past and to the futural. Not in the sense of ‘planning’ or ‘managing a project’, but as a way of being connected to one’s past and the open future to come. We must act now, desire now, but not without a meta-political point of view that transcends mere reason.

In the 1930’s Heidegger saw the need of a transitional figure to discard the modernist hegemonic ideal of “boundless, purely quantitative nonstop progress” (Zimmerman) and he recognised the need for an attitude of humility, a simpler way of life, more loving and tender, and yet tough and strict in order to sacrifice the ego instead of focussing on one’s personal ‘economic/selfish’ growth.

Heidegger was most critical of the herd-like bourgeoisie that did not (and will never) possess any of the virtues of the Übermensch. Although Heidegger by the end of the 1930’s criticized the industrial nature and the ongoing war machine of the NS movement (and we agree as the ‘operational’ modus of NS derailed signicificantly), he did recognise the fertile soil of the rural and Völkisch movements celebrating mystery, nature & the connexion between man & his Heimat.

Heidegger thus continued the Sacred work of Nietzsche, Spengler and Jünger, and like an Alchemist himself he, as a thinker and philosopher, dedicated his Work in all humility to the Inner Greatness which was about to be dis-covered, unfolded.  His Übermensch can therefore be seen as a powerful synthesis of great minds. This Übermensch watches over us and one can feel his presence. As a Caesar he can be most merciless, but he shows compassion and empathy for those who are ready to stand at his side in order  to accompany him in this cosmich battle through which the Destiny of our Abendland will be revealed.

Sal und Sieg!

Von Sanngetall


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