The necessary transgression of Angst


Heidegger saw angst or anxiety as a response of the Western man to the fact that he has become ‘rootless’, that he has become a wanderer or nomad in the contemporary technological world. Although, we have concluded before, that this rootlessness is nothing but a feeling, we do see the destuctive effects of the oblivion of “forgottonness” (Seinsvergessenheit – Heidegger) of Being that is effectively plagueing our modern age, and that can be seen as a defining characteristic of our  Zeit.

Due to the liberal ideology we see that man is being cut off, taken away from the nourishing relationship with Being itself or with its very essence of Being. It is not that we have become forgetful as beings an sich, we are being taken away, and we are being astranged from this intimate relation with Being. This is all happening beyond our own control. Instead of trust and confidence, the European peoples are being instilled with an existential Fear or Angst because of our gradual estrangement from Being itself.  A home, an authentic Sacred origin is taken away, as if we are in the process of becoming cultural and spiritual orphans. And of course, the liberal ideology knows very well how to fill this so-called void. A leftist ideology will actually stress a new ‘home’ of universalism, of a worldwide brotherhood and interconnectedness. And yes, we are as human beings bound, but not to each other, but to Being itself.  The Death of God in the West not only meant the end of monotheism, but our Sacred connection with Being was murdered as well. The way the different peoples see this connection, the way we flll in this connection depends upon our specific spiritual heritage, our historicality, and our rootedness in the Soil of our Heimat. 

Now, this Angst is not something ontic, something that ontologically defines us in our being on Earth. This anxiety is a psychological reaction which is actually a characteristic of the modern age, and we must confront it as such in order to overcome it, in order to transgress it most bravely, and as such restore our originary relationship with Being and experience this Second Beginning the way our Pagan forefathers and our Old Gods experienced Being in all its splendidness. This is definitely something to behold and to aim for in our Everydayness and in our Spiritual activities. It is not just a choice but a solemn duty which we owe to Beyng as such. We must answer this call of the Old Gods so we may once again welcome them back!

Sal und Sieg!

Von Sanngetall


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