The Pillars of Europa; in remembrance of the fallen ones

Behold! The perennial pillars on which our Abendland is built. These spiritual foundations are to be honoured for they are still standing proudly. Their being-present dis-closes an authentic and unspoiled source of Wisdom from which the character and perseverance of our European peoples have sprung.

Today you can hear a lot of talk about so-called ‘rootlessness’, universalism, egalitarianism, … This is utterly false and idle talk produced by ‘progressive’ minds, and it belongs to the propaganda of the liberal hegemony. Contrary to the superficiality of that ideology those mighty pillars of our spiritual Weltanschauung reach for the Sky and thus they constitute a Temple where we can celebrate our traditions, our forefathers, and our historical legacy.  We are historical beings and by acknowledging this we actually form a connection between the Chthonic and the Cosmic, the Dionysian and the Apollonian, the Left Sacred and the Right Sacred. Yes, we are numinous beings belonging to a larger history than our limited Ego.

Heidegger asked us the fundamental question whether the liberation (from the enclosedness of Western nihilism) of Dasein is actually in man. Well, we can say that the modern individual is definitely trapped by the liberal hegemony and he is being blinded so it is impossible for him to see the Light of which Heidegger spoke. It is impossible for modern man to be confronted with Aletheia for modern man does not accept it. 

I therefore ask you to look at the pillars pointing towards the Cosmic realms, towards the ever-burning Sun, the Black Sun, for this Sun Wheel symbolizes Being. Being as the unconcealment of beings, the liberation from the Darkness that dominates the Kali Yuga. 

As it is Samhain tonight, the realm of the dead and the realm of the living becomes entangled. It is a presencing of numinous forces and it is a time to remember those who have fallen, those who have sacrificed themselves for our Abendland. Look at the pillars and picture them as a symbol of those fallen ones. Tonight they stand again, proudly, facing the Endzeit.   

Hold your head high, transcend the masses, become one of those pillars, stand amongst your dear ones, and experience the liberation from Hubris.

Von Sanngetall

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