Accelerationism II

The Heraclitean Struggle between Eorthe and the World: a continuous vortex of Numinous energy.  This acceleration is the birthplace of Aeonic change, of a birth-ing of the Light that will once again en-lighten this dark Earth. There is no point in denying: we are living in the Endzeit, and everyone feels that change is coming. Heidegger mentioned ‘the Inner Greatness’ of National-Socialist Germany, but the industrialisation and the war industry however took ever. Yet, we cannot deny that something has been lurking beyond the treshold. The Romantics, the Decadentists, the Surrealists, the Völkish moments, poets such as Hölderlin, Ezra Pound, great minds such as Nietzsche, Heidegger, Evola, Bataille and others …. they were all captivated by the revolutionary spirit. And although the (neo)liberal hegemonic Weltanschauung has tried to subdue, to destroy this Spirit, it cannot destroy the Authentic Soul of Europa. Small communities, artists, poets, musicians are rising once again, and their Work, their Alchemical Art, speaks freely once again. We shall be heard! 

Von Sanngetall

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