The Inner Imperium

“Through history, the Imperium has always meant conquest of land and territory. Now it is time to return to the Gnostic conception of the Empire, the Inner Imperium, which can free us from the enslavement of das Gestell (Heidegger), of the desires created by the Modern World. The Inner Imperium ensures the spiritual possibility to strengthen one’s inner non-self: one’s inner Sacred life devoid of self-interest and self-delusion as propagated by the modern world. This way, and probably only through this way, we may finally be ready to look upon the World with awe and astonishment again. Just like the ancient Greeks did. Now there is fear and distrust raging through our Sacred Europa instigated by neoliberalism and the various ideologies”

(Von Sanngetall, excerpt from my text on the Inner Empire or Inner Imperialism. Part of the new Black Front Press Title “Politics of the Soul”)

The ‘Inner Empire’ is a notion I derived from both Bataille’s Inner Experience and the Conservative Revolution’s take on a Secret Germany. Mundane politics no longer interest me for these are just mind games. We must go towards our Sacred Interior, our Inner Empire which we all share if we are honest towards Europa, its beauty and Divine nature.

The Inner Empire is where our ancient Soul dwells, where we can be authentically rooted. This is where the Fourfold of Dasein, Divinity, Earth and Sky is planted. It shows us the Way towards the Green Ray, towards the Grail which will manifest itself in due time. We must be patient and pay honour to Beying & time!

Creation: The Grail of the Green Ray. The Mysticism of Bread and Wine, Soil and Blood.

Von Sanngetall

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