The Leader

“To be the leader – not: to go in front, but: to be able to go alone, which means, however, to bring the aloneness of Dasein to Silence and to do so positively versus the pretensions of individual “existence”.’

Heidegger, ponderings II – VI, 52

This type of leader is most Sovereign and he embodies another quality, something we might say inhuman for he resists all homogeneity. We have learned from Bataille that “production is the basis of social homogeneity” and a homogeneous society is a productive one, “a useful one”. This is what we can say about the current democracy and their hegemonic liberal ideologies. The focus on the individual, as de Benoist, emphasizes seems at first a liberating experience, yet the individual is left over to the market, to the forces of a liberal economy where he/she is being enslaved. This advanced bio politics (Foucault) is very real but one hardly notices this as Netflix puts one’s sharp mind to sleep. Bataille: 

The common measure, the foundation of social homogeneity and of the activity arising from it, is money, namely the calculalbe equivalent of the different products of collective activity. Money serves to measure all work, and makes man a function of measurable products. According to the judgement of homogeneous society, each man is worth what he produces; in other words, he stops being an existence for itself: he is no more than a function, arranged within measurable limits, of collective production. 

Bataille is very clear: social homogeneity is tied to the bourgeois class. Today we can refer to the middle class that is eco-friendly, leftist-minded with a most pedantic outlook. The leaders of a democracy are weak and serve this homogeneity. What is needed are those leaders that embody, that represent a shock, a force that threatens and destroys the status quo. Their exclusion from the realm of politics has entered the phase of liberalism, of universal rights, of humanism and so on. The further desacralization of our Abendland has reinforced this as well. 

The leader we refer to is the inheritor of those Sacred and heterogeneous forces: a superior transcendent value. A homogeneous society will never be able to assimilate such a Caesar, such an aristocratic type. They are outerworldly and transcend the laws of the earth: they celebrate violence, excess, delirium and madness. They are the perfect embodiment of a perpetual accelerationism, a never-ending nightmare. They are “something other” compared to Everydayness. We call upon those leaders that are part of a heterogeneous existence so that the force that they carry within them may disrupt and accelerate the ongoing decline of the West.

This way, as Heidegger emphasized, our Abendland can once again become a morning land again. Let those leaders rise as burning Black Suns! They, as new Caesars, shine in their Alone-ness. They evoke awe and Silence! 

Von Sanngetall

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