The Joy before Death: our eleven acts of sovereign aggression


These acts are based on Georges Bataille’s ‘Les onze agressions’ of his secret group Acéphale. We have adapted some of them as our views differ in some respect, but the core remains Acéphalic, Sovereign and Anti-Human.

No lives Matter but Beyng does.

What do we affirm?

  1. Chance & superiority – as a shield against the platitude of the plebian masses! The masses need security and they prefer to be inferior towards Beyng. 
  2. A collective & strong unity with a Sovereign leader – as a shield against the falseness and the hubris of the modern ‘individual’! The modern, ‘liberal’ world has created a new type of man: the victim of clever marketing. This type of being is suspicous of others and has no ideas of his own. It needs a leader but it always chooses those leaders who make fake promises. In the end the ‘individual’ turns out to be the eternal victim.    
  3. An elective & mystical blood community – as a shield against a society based on mundane and egalitarian interests! 
  4. The religious power of the relentless gift of the tragic self – as a shield against a military power based on material / emotional greed, restriction & self-preservation!
  5. A dark future open to radical changes and one which destroys all limits as a shield against the impotent ‘will’ to maintain the status quo!
  6. The tragic violator of the Law as a shield against compassion with the feeble and powerless victims of this modern era. Embody the Spirit of de Sade! 
  7. Respect and admiration for the inexorable cruelty of Nature as a shield against the degrading image of the ‘good’ god of any monotheism!
  8. Free and mad laughter without limits as a shield against any reasonable and ‘scientific’ explination of the absurd universe we live in!
  9. A desire for and a genuine thirst for a great Destiny of the West– even the most worse and terrible-  against the abdication to pessimism or fear!
  10. The total absence of moral security and false foundations as a shield against the appearance of stability based on humane values!
  11. The Joy before Death as a shield against the cult of immortality!

What can you learn from this?

1. Never let the mass and its mundane, unimaginative and banal outlook on life dictate your way. Be imaginative and let chance rule your life.

2. Against the arrogance of the individual – the phantasm of individuality: a higher sense of community beyond petty and personal needs.

3. The history of Europe has shown what ideologies can lead to when they become the property of the masses. The Mysticism of the Blood is an esoteric notion and they are not crude, simplistic words. Underneath the vast blackened cosmos we are no-thing-s; thrown onto this planet left with our imagination. We must remain true to this Earth: bound by the actual flesh that rots way and becomes one with the Prima Materia, the darkest of all soils. We need a selective order, a new aristocracy that is willing to plunge itself headlong into the Abyss.

Elected are those that share a tragic awareness. Memento Mori. Life offers no ulterior purpose but to experience it to the fullest: the Satanic Arts pay tribute to life’s vitalism and our Being-towards-Death.

Study Nietzsche! Study Heidegger!

4. We give our-selves away; a gift for the Other. Tragically as we are human all too human. Why should we – as a human species – try to survive? There can be no victory in this Kali Yuga. There is only torment as the Age of Brutalism develops itself.

5. Let’s not dwell in the past. Let us learn from the past. Our great traditions, but we must be willing to leave them behind as the Solar Outburst destroys most of life on Earth. The Future demands ever-becoming creation. Become energy! Become forever!

6. Monotheism has installed the Law, and one should aim to trangress it. This is a confirmation and a charge at the same time. Boundaries are there to be crossed. The Black Arts have always been practised at daggers drawn.

7. We are handed over to the Demiurg, the idle god. Let us accept over fate and be victorious in our futile rebellion. God does not offer any reconciliation for his place is empty and devoid of any hope. At the Left side of the Deus Absconditus, der verborgene Gott the Emptiness awaits us all.

Nature is most cruel and we are one of its most inventive and passionate instruments. Let us celebrate sadism, masochism for we are multi-perverse beings (Freud).

8. Let us not take our-selves too seriously. Consider the writings of Lovecraft. We are powerless in the hands of the Ancients, the Dark Gods, and as we can hear their mad laughter, standing before their altar (Deathspell Omega), we should join them. Their laughter is infectious. Ratio versus non-knowledge. Let us not be scientists, but alchemists of the flesh and the spirit.

9. There is no room for pessimism or fear for these affects paralyse our imagination. A tragic awareness does not hinder one’s creative powers. On the contrary, art for art’s sake, violence for violence’s sake, strengthen one’s resoluteness.

10. The Absence of ground and foundation opens up a multiplicity of possibilities and meanings. We do not coincide with our ‘selves’ because these are fictitious. Lacanian: we coincide with our Desire; it is our ever-lasting Desire that keeps us going. Ideologies offer imaginary resting-places while we should enjoy our energetic nature, the flux of becoming. Acausal becoming as we become nexions for the Dark Gods. Always grow!

11. We have been cursed with a wish for immortality against the Death Drive that truly fuels us. Monotheism, causal gnosticism, luciferianism … despite the formal differences they all promise a release from our gefallenheit. A terminus where we can sleep easily to all eternity. Bataille called Christianity the religion of work for the believer has to earn the remission of sins. While this does not apply to for example gnosticism or luciferianism there is an inherent enmity towards finitude. Instead of experiencing life to the fullest and eagerly accepting its extremes … Joy before Death.

Immortality does not belong to one personally. One becomes immortal by ever-becoming impersonal, by accepting the Void. A return to the Prima Materia.

Source: “Les onze agressions” from L’Apprenti Sorcier (Editions de la Différence, 1999). My interpretation!

Von Sanngetall

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