The Struggle of Fire and Ice

This drawing is my personal War Ritual. Heidegger recognized the Struggle between the Dionysian and the Apollonian forces as forming the living core of authentic Being.  Being is not stable but a continuous process of birth and Death, creation and destruction, and it continues the way the Sun moves and the seasons paint our beloved landscapes of our Abendland.

Fire and Ice, Sig and Is, and in between you can find Ur, our Sacred Origin of awe and wonder. Sig is the Rune of Victory, of the lightening of the Soul. Is stands for the upright, the connexion with the World Axis, the Irmin column. The Is Rune stands for stasis, stillness, reflection, meditation.

Is stands for meditative thinking (Heidegger) as opposed to the positivist science of today. The Apollonian force concentrates on form, control, unity of being, while the Dionysian Fire stands for chaos, havoc, destruction. The one cannot without the other. Today the West has turned towards the Apollonian: control of the mind, control of one’s thinking, universal equality. Heidegger pointed towards the Greek Pagan Weltanschauung: wonder and awe!

Let us return to that Origin, to that Ur-sprung from which a martial vitality may awake. The Alchemical process of Sig, Is and Ur is part of our Ur-Soul. Take upon this War Ritual!

Von Sanngetall

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