The Sigil of Joy Before Death

This is our Sigil of Joy before Death! Death remains central in our Weltanschauung. We are beings-towards-Death for Death unites us tragically. Our Acéphalic Alchemy  celebrates Birth, Death and Rebirth, and this process contiuously. If we truly want to be Heroic, and thus transgress the limitations of the modern world, we must accept our mortality, our Hubris and thus our personal non-significance. We are but instruments in the hands of greater, cosmic forces that form the core of Beyng itself. Let us Return to the awareness.

Victoriously we will stand at the top of the Alchemical Mountain.  May we unite the mystical Essence of Bataille, Heidegger, Serrano and Evola in order to fuel the Revolt against the Modern World.

Sal und Sieg!

Von Sanngetall


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