Hyperborean Way of Beyng


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“Our epoch, in accord with its smallness and accompanying self-inflation, believes that through dogmatic ‘reflection’ on the past and on ‘biological’ foundations it can posit the beginning of something already antiquated even in its idea – the beginning of a ‘culture’ – instead of actually venturing into the future and posing the actual decisions – i.e. taking the Godlessness of Bolshevism as well as the moribound state of Christianity as great signs that we have actually and wittingly entered the epoch of the abandonment by being. Instead, everything is moving in a great lie: now one combats Bolshevism in the name of ‘Christianity’, now one wants overcome Christianity with the help of doctrines which never reach into the domain of the decisions to be taken – since, for example, race can only be a condition of a people, but never what is unconditioned and essential of that people.”

Heidegger, ponderings II-VI (67)

Heidegger’s Conservative Revolutionary stance is very clear from this. He is very much aware of the smallness of the West and its self-inflation, but the answer does not lie in new dogmatic doctrines or scientific theories about race upon which new ‘truths’ were built. Race remains a condition, but is not essential for to be aware of the historical destiny of one’s folk one needs to take up a humble position, an awareness of one’s Sein-zum-Tode. The Greek sentiment of awe and wonder, like the setting of the Sun, is the primal condition upon which a new ‘culture’ can be founded. A Culture of the Black Sun, a Hyperborean Way of Being.


Von Sanngetall


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