Accelerationism I

We have no choice but march on towards the Æon of Fire! This Aeon will prepare us for the Second Beginning. The Announcement of the Light. We are unstoppable for we are “ferociously religious” (Bataille)! Violence and revolution are an integral part of our existence, our being here on Earth. These immortal elements should not be seen as a ‘project’ or a ‘goal’. We oppose all utilitarianism for we regard violence not as negation of Beyng, but it actually forms a completion and an accomplishment of Beyng. We call this our Acéphalic Accelarationism.  We aim and pray for an acceleration of today’s events taking place in the West: economic, ecological, sociological, … Ours is not a ‘project’ of salvation, of improvement but we tragically accept the way our Western civilization has evolved. We have forsaken the Sacred, and lost touch with the Continous, the Cosmic, and we hope that this authentic Pagan Spirit may once rise again amonst a selected few. With Eyes open for the Light that will shine, we say “Sal und Sieg!”

Von Sanngetall

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