The Storm


The Storm, Von S

“The communal-civil (Völkisch – Staatlich) happening is to be unfolded in its actuality in order to attack all the harder and sharper and fuller the floundering (rootlessly and without rank) of the new spirit – i.e. in order to guide the awakening actuality of German Dasein to its greatness for the first time, a greatness concealed to this Dasein and waiting for it, a greatness around which the most fearful storm is raging.”
(Heidegger, Ponderings II – VI)

Heidegger was a patriot, a Conservative Revolutionary thinker who, like the poet Hölderlin, believed in the inner greatness of the German Volk. Not in the sense of an empty nationalism, or the orthodoxy of National-Socialists, but a greatness with a mystical essence.

Today we can actualize these words by referring to a ‘Europa of regions’, a ‘Europa of tribes’, each partaking in the inner Greatness of the West and serving the greater good beyond petty nationalism, industrialism, capitalism,… A presencing of Das Heilige through various rituals, artefacts, customs, … The Storm, to which Heidegger referred, however is still raging and we will endure it, as it will strengthen us.

Von Sanngetall, 129yf