Eye of The Storm – Volume Two


IN this second volume in our popular series on the Conservative Revolutionaries, we continue our timely examination of the life and thought of some of Germany’s most crucial, anti-modern philosophers who were active during the inter-war period. With a seriously heavyweight line-up drawn from the world of National-Anarchism, the New Right and underground counter-culture, this book contains twelve brilliant chapters that reveal the continuing relevance of these important intellectual precursors. Topics include Ernst Jünger and Max Stirner (Troy Southgate), Friedrich Georg Jünger: The Titans and the Coming of the Titanic Age (Tomislav Sunic), Claus von Stauffenberg and Operation Valkyrie: Der Heilige Deutschland? (Piercarlo Bormida), Carl Schmitt and the Nomos of the Earth (Keith Preston), Ode to Juenger (Richard Levy), Chained to the Machine: Oswald Spengler’s Man and Technics (Troy Southgate), Come Now, Fire! Heidegger and the Conservative Revolution (Von Sanngetall), The Magic Cancellation of Crisis and the ‘Physiognomic Method’ of Ernst Jünger (Robert Steuckers), The Political Theory of Carl Schmitt (Keith Preston), Stefan George: Poet and Prophet of Redemption (Julio Cesar Pino), Ernst Jünger: The Resolute Life of an Anarch (Keith Preston) and A Dream Betrayed: Arthur Moller van den Bruck and the Concept of the Third Reich (Sean Jobst).

Published by

Von Sanngetall

My Mystical Path devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

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