Heidegger makes clear that humans are ineradicably tied to the dark:

“Darkness is perhaps in play for all thinking at all times. Humans cannot set it aside. Rather, they must learn to acknowledge the dark as something unavoidable and to keep at bay those prejudices that would destroy the lofty reign of the dark. Thus the dark remains distinct from the pitch-black as the mere and utter absence of light. The dark however is the secret of the light. The dark keeps the light to itself. The latter belongs to the former. Thus the dark has its own limpidity.”

Von Sanngetall, 129 yf

Marching on!

The Eternal Cult of Speed and Violence. One’s inner Struggle never ceases. Marching on towards the spiritual Destiny of the West. My inner change started with Nietzsche, Bataille, Baelder, the ONA and now these ‘elements’ are re-inforced with Heidegger… An ongoing Acéphalic Alchemical Quest!

Von Sanngetall, 129 yf