Meditation in Les Dentelles (France)

These are pictures I took this summer when we followed a mountain path in Les Dentelles in the Provence. I do not claim to be a mountain climber as I am afraid of heights. Yet following and trying out a steep mountain path was a very healthy challenge which I intend to undertake again when we go back to Les Dentelles this Spring.

For Evola the physical conquest of a mountain, with all the courage, self-transcendence and mental lucidity that it entails, becomes an inseparable and complementary part of spiritual awakening.” (meditations on a peak) 

This is very true as you challenge yourself, your Hubris, and you become part of the elements. A truly life affirming and transformative experience. As a means of self-transcendence this is our Sacred Duty in this Kali Yuga.

Many ancient cultures chose mountains as the abodes of their gods and considered the rigorous ascent of peaks as the task of heroes and initiates. In modern times, which tend to suffocate the heroic with naked self interest, the mountain still forms part of the profound dimension of spirit where the soul finds within itself more than what it thought itself to be.” (Mountains on a peak)

The Mountain is also an important Alchemical symbol as it stands for one’s inner quest for the Grail. The Mountain exemplifies the seven stages of inner growth. One must stand in awe and bewilderment (Heidegger) for the majestic greatness of the mountain for he is a mighty giant that protects the Numinous forces of Eorthe. 

Von Sanngetall, 128 yf

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Von Sanngetall

My Mystical Path devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

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