The Cosmic Abbey

Humility and ego-less devotion

As I am studying Heidegger, one of his central critiques is what he regards as ‘productionist metaphysics’. The original Greek and pagan world view (to which D. Myatt refers to as well in his Alchemical writings) is one of awe, bewilderment, a Dyonisian devotion to the boundelss Cosmic, to Being itself, Being in the purest of all senses, namely beyond human contamination.

The pure and original Cosmic or ‘the Holy Wilderness’ (Hölderlin) of which the Essence manifests itself through our Dasein, but which does not in anyway serve us. NON SERVIAM. Bataille called it the Sacred, and Heidegger referred to it by the Old Gods. But that does not matter in the end, words are just used to refer, but the Real manifests/presences itself through our Dasein and this demands either a ruthless non-presence or a mystical non-presence.

The ‘I’ does not matter at all, and this is very hard for us humans. For every time there is a new Beginning, a new Era, a leader stands up and he soon forgets his utterly cosmic non-signficance. The new Era starts off as something ‘Other’ but human pride, self-centredness, the Will to achieve something take over. As humans we must learn to be humble, to serve, to give up our Will to Will and recognize our Being-towards-Death. After the Pre-Socratics productionist metaphysics started to develop because of Plato’s world of ideas, the magian religions, the Enlightenment with its emphasis on utilitarian Science and positivism, industrialism and most recently the digital revolution.

With regard to the ‘magickal’ paths such as the various demonologies, cabbalism, chaos magick, the whole Golden dawn circus, the spooky black magical traditions, wicca: they all suffer from egotism, from the Will to Will. It is all about ‘spell working’, ‘getting results’, demons/angels serving the great sorceror…. There is no sense of the all-Powerful Cosmic at all. These magicians regard themselves as the origin, the source while they are nexions, vessels through which the Sacred, the Acausal manifests itself.  ‘What is the greatest ritual ever performed? Have I summoned all demons, what are my results, am I more powerful, smarter, and so on?’ Self-centred, egotistic metaphysics dressed up smartly. The whole addiction to so-called grimoires… One can keep on inventing new grimoires but it is always the same: new names but old servants. Nothing more, nothing less. In the end, as Myatt taught us: it is all about humility, devotion, love for the cosmic.

I went through the whole grimoire stuff, but now I have arrived at a point where I wish to return to the very essence of Being. When I was in the Provence I used to watch the sky at night, listen to the sounds of Nature. Of course this is nothing compared to the adepts that have performed the Black Pilgrimage, but each chooses his own battles. It is about a return to Nothingness and choosing to devote oneself, one’s art, one’s writings, one’s deeds, one’s Love to something insignificantly greater. This can be thing of Beauty, but also one of ugliness and inhuman cruelty as Bataille has shown us. Rise above the Mass, what Heidegger called ‘Das Man’ and look beyond the hegemonic ideologies. NON SERVIAM: lose the head. I am learning myself to become a Vessel for forces from beyond: an Alchemical change.

The West can no longer continue this way as the nihilistic technological Age must come to an end. Heidegger was convinced that National Socialism would have brought that change, but it did not. All too soon National Socialism forgot its esoteric roots and became stuck in the war, in industrialism. But the Essence remains and much can be learned from this.  Let us not forget this: we must turn to the Dyonisian rapture, the eruption of the Solar Anus and become anti-human again. True authencity is connected with our Gnostic roots: the Acephalic Gods whose essence lies deep witin our Soul and which connects us to the Earth. Staying true to the Earth is a cure for our Hubris.

Von Sanngetall, 128yf 

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Von Sanngetall

My Mystical Path devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

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