The mystical essence of Nature

“[…]nature becomes manifest as the space of a people, as countryside and homeland, as soil and ground. Nature, as the power and law of that hidden transmission of the inheritance of essential instinctive predispositions and tendencies, is set free. Nature becomes a normative rule in the form of health. The more freely nature reigns, the more it is possible to put at her service, in the most excellent and controlled way, the formative power of authentic technology. By being tied to nature, supported and overarched by her, at once fueled and limited by her, the history of a people is realized. In the struggle to trace out the pathway to its own essence and to ensure its duration, the people grasps its identity in the growing constitution of the state. In the struggle to represent itself its capacity for greatness and its destiny as essential truth, the people presents itself authoritatively in art. The latter attains its great style only by adopting the totality of the existence of the people in the imprinting of its essence.” (Heidegger – winter semester 1933 – 34)
A most beautiful and mystical passage connecting the principle essences: Nature, a people, a homeland, authentic technology, state, greatness and destiny, art. Heidegger, a great philosopher and thinker, summarizes and interconnects in a few sentences such great and universal concepts. This is Alchemy on a personal, a völkisch and aeonic level! I advise you to read this over and over again.
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Von Sanngetall, 128 yf

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Von Sanngetall

My Mystical Path devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

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