Agios O Vindex


A few days ago V.K. Jehannum published an intruiging post with the title ‘There is no Vindex‘. As always a well researched blog post which challenges the reader and confronts him with suppositions which have not been questioned, such as the background of the Vindex archetype. V.K. always delves deeply into the particular history of the occult symbols and therefore frequents various sources. Our Acéphalic Weltanschauung is grounded in the mysticism of Georges Bataille, Traditionalism, Hermetic mysticism and the Sinister Tradition of which the ONA is one of the most exemplary emanations.  Therefore Vindex is one of the most important Archetypes to us. 

The central question V.K. Jehannum poses here is why the creators of the ONA highlighted  the connexion of this Archetype with the historical figure of Gaius Julius Vindex. As pointed out by V.K. the description used in the original ONA MSS is none other than the historical description of Gaius Julius Vindex:  “[Gaius Julius Vindex] was powerful in body and of shrewd intelligence, was skilled in warfare and full of daring for any great enterprise; and he had a passionate love of freedom and a vast ambition” (Cassius Dio, 63.22.1-2).

This historical connexion with Gaius Julius Vindex does not come as a suprise to me for it has always been clear to me. The Latin word ‘vindex’ has an imperial connotation: defender, protector, avenger and in my personal research many years ago I stumbled upon Gaius Julius Vindex. The question is why did the founders of the ONA choose this name.

  1. First of all, there is the Latin meaning: defender, protector, avenger. The last term has definitely been used to refer to the antinomian essence of Satan. Within the Sinister Tradition is Satan the Adversary, the Dark God that challenges the status quo, the ruling order for this particular order, the current Western aeon, has been superimposed upon the strong, the ones who live according to a master morality. Satan is the Shadow Aspect and as the embodiment of the Will to Power he keeps the Wheel of Life spinning. Satan represents none other than the chtonic and heterogeneous forces that are able to destabilize the current hegemonic order.  
  2. An important aspect of the Weltanschauung of the Sinister Tradition is based on the organic nature of civilizations (Spengler). The Magick of the Sinister Tradition is not only a personal one, but the Magician also operates on an aeonic level for in the end the scope of the Sinister Tradition lies beyond the current status of humanity and beyond Eorthe. Not just a simpleminded destruction but a trangression by building upon the rich Tradition of our forefathers and of the West. Its current degeneracy leaves us no other choice than to hold on what is still intact, what is still Traditional (ancient values, knowledge, aural and written folk traditions), cherish those treasure and strive towards the Stars. This means that the Archetype of Vindex, as a defender/protector of the ancient values/knowledge/traditions is a more than fitting one. The historical figure of Gaius Julius has its historical significance: Gaius Julius Vindex was a rebel and he wanted to dethrone Nero whom Gaius saw as an unworthy Emperor. Instead of seeing him as a ‘sovereign’ Gaius called him a ‘harpist’. The notion of sovereign is very dear to me: Bataille regards emperors, the aristocracy, madmen, mystics, … as ‘sovereign’ because they fight against the status quo, they embody sinister aspects which are not compatible with the status quo. I can imagine that Nero’s rule did not please Gaius Julius Vindex. Therefore the archetype of Vindex is very well chosen. The word associated with Vindex is ‘opher’. One must rise about the selfish concern typical for mundane behaviour. True Magic lies beyond oneself and just like Gaius one must be prepared to sacrifice oneself in order to prepare the Aeon of Fire.

Of course, it is a known archetype: the Wotan archetype, the archetype of the warrior, the champion warrior / warror caste can be studied in the writings of Julius Evola as well. Beside that there is Kalki (Hinduism), the Gnostic Christ of the Rosicrucians. These figures are warriors, mystics, prophets who oppose the ruling System because it has betrayed ancient and eternal values. These ‘defenders’ stand for a timeless tradition of the Sacred.  Bataille himself called upon antinomian, heterogeneous forces. The Bataillean figure of the Acéphalic man is a sort of Vindex figure as well: leading the rebellion with the heart and not through ratio (headless). The Vindex figure is therefore neither a hoax nor propaganda, as we are talking about the changes on an aeonic schale.  We need such a mythos in the present technologcial times as it keeps our head fresh. The antinomian power of the Vindex mythos should not be underestimated.

Another important source I would like to refer to is Metaphysics of War by the mystic Evola.  He devoted a chapter to the Roman conception of Victory which is very interesting in this respect and demonstrates how the Romans “believed in a meeting and mutual interpenetration of divine and human forces”. For the ancient Roman the manifestation of the Sacred, the Divine was “to be found in time, in history, in everything which is carried out through human action”. The importance of a mystical counterpart was important to the Romans and this leads us to the conclusion that Vindex’ rebellion against Nero, who had betrayed ancient Roman values through his decadence, is a mystical rebellion, and thus honourable. This intensfies and consolidates the Archetype of Vindex even more. Evola refers to the Samurai as well by explaining the Roman concept of devotio, what we would call ‘tragic heroism’. It was a warlike ritual action in which the sacrifice of oneself was vowed “and one’s own life was dedicated consciously to ‘lower’ powers, whose unleashing was to contribute to bringing victory.” Committing ritual suicide is not mentioned here but like the Samurai I can imagine that devoted imperators such as Gaius Julius Vindex committed his own death for the sake of victory. His army may have been defeated, his action did start a revolution against Nero whose suicide is nothing but cowardly. Vindex’ revolt was therefore a Traditionalist one and most mystical. So, I would say the historical reference is accurate and implies further thought. 

I find the reference of Evola to ‘lower’ forces particularly interesting as it has a most Sinister-Numinous connotation: summoning chtonic forces by certain ritual acts of war. Hermetically and acéphalically speaking we can say that the Vindex Archetype is the Solar rebirth after the chaotic phase of the Nigredo. The Vindex Archetype brings the defeat of a cancerous society and order by a courageous Self-Sacrifice. To embody this Archetype demands courage, sacrifice, devotion, true nobility, and not te be forgotten humility. The Archetype is the antidote of self-deification which I regard as one of the most festering diseases in the occult world. It is not about ‘becoming a living god’ but about a warriorlike and mystic devotion to  a higher standard in the service of the Sacred.

Agios O Sol! Agios O Vindex! 333!

Von Sanngetall, 128yf


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Von Sanngetall

Slave and Master and devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

11 thoughts on “Agios O Vindex”

  1. In retrospect, my article on the subject did not clearly delineate the reason I consider the truth about Vindex so damning. In fact, I left it unspoken.

    (1) You and Ulfgangr Satanara have both told me that you were aware of the truth about Vindex prior to my public revelation of it. This indicates, by way of probability, that there most likely were many Niners (perhaps 10-20, I do not know how large the ONA is) who were aware of this truth.

    And none of you broke the story.

    I want you to consider the implications of the fact that it was a non-Niner who brought this to the public. ZERO ONA members* were willing to do so.

    Since the Satanism of the ONA is, in majority, predicated upon the Sinister Dialectic, and the remainder of the Western Black Lodge is predicated upon the veneration of the Infernal Divine, there is inevitably a discrepancy between the ethos of the ONA and the remainder of the Western Black Lodge. The fact that I broke this story, independently, despite my distaste for the ONA, instantiates the discrepancies between these ethioi (is that the plural of ethos?) in two ways.

    (i) As I follow the ethos established by the Infernal Divine, I felt the need to lead the way for my brothers in the Western Black Lodge, regardless of their opposition to me. The members of the ONA who knew the truth about Vindex, being followers of the ethos of the Sinister Dialectic, were entirely content to watch their brothers in the movement be manipulated like cattle.

    (ii) I was willing, in accordance with the ethos of the Infernal Divine, to challenge the orthodoxy upheld by my brothers within the Black Lodge, publicly. The members of the ONA who knew the truth about Vindex, in contrast, were willing to uphold the orthodoxy by their silence, despite the fact that they knew it was fallacious.

    (2) The ONA calls its members to the pursuit of cliological agendas, which places an incredible amount of responsibility on them to be, ultimately, leaders, even from within the ranks. In contradiction, the ONA kept the truth about Vindex almost entirely secret, relying upon the intellectual incompetence of its members to manipulate them for the achievement of cliological agendas. The result of this contradiction is illustrated by (i) and (ii).

    *Despite the claims made by leading voices in the ONA, the ONA is, in fact, a movement, and the conduct and weltanschauungen of those who follow this movement, and who are therefore members of this movement, does reflect the nature of this movement.

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    1. First of all, I am not a ‘member’ of the ONA. I adhere to the Sinister Weltanschauung. The Vindex archetype is one that I see in my Acephalic mysticism and in traditionalism. I do not operate from a ‘Black Lodge’-view. People who follow the way of the ONA have to liberty to set their own rules and I do not see any manipulation here. In the more than 20 years there has never been someone who instructed me. I haven’t followed the complete 7FW either. I recognize this is a firm hermetic basis to start from and the Vindex archetype is part of it. Whoever started the mythos, as is the case with many satanic paths, had a keen eye for history and its changes. There is nothing misleading about the ONA. The MSS are there: the cliogical agenda is well-described. Everything is free to read everything about the ONA and makes his own path. The life of Myatt is exemplary for instance. But what I wanted to show is that the Vindex is not a ‘political construction’. It goes beyond the ONA. I really see no manipulation here. And I am not an ‘inner member’ or whatever. The Sinister Tradition has a wider aeonic implication and that is based on insights of the Conservative Revolution with people like Spengler and so on. It depends on one’s Way how to put this into practice. There are hermetic ‘niners’, ritually inclined ‘niners’ and so on. So, of course I knew that the ONA is more than the hermetic but who does not? This does not weaken the strength of the Vindex Archetype. That is the simple truth. I do not see a conspiracy.

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    2. The issue of this ‘ONA membership’ has been explained and referred to multiple times. It might be time to listen to these explanations… As Von S. says, the MSS about the mythos and many other issues are there, it is only needed that one reads with the intention of understanding rather than imposing preconceptions.

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      1. “The issue of this ‘ONA membership’ has been explained and referred to multiple times. It might be time to listen to those explanations.”

        Me thinketh the lady do-eth protest too much.

        Jokes aside, why would I adhere to an explanation I’ve refuted?

        “As Von S. says, the MSS about the mythos and many other issues are there…”

        Which one of these manuscripts tells the truth about Vindex being based on a historical figure? None of them? Then they’re manipulations and propaganda.

        As for Sangettal, he disagrees with my belief that it is manipulative and deceitful to promulgate deliberate mistruths, and I can’t really convince him otherwise.


      2. Yes, we disagree on this. We agree on the importance of the Sinister Tradition and its various emanations whether through personal Nexions or collective ones. My Sinister Work is based on various matters and also life experiences. I have at one point said goodbye to the occult and delved into the academic which has learned me to be critical and has shaped my view so far, and this is still changing. I look at things from a wider perspective and then I fill in the lines, instead of starting from the details. That is the way how things have always worked for me. I am a system builder instead of reseacing the details. I have seen that you work otherwise: your research is amazingly detailed. The way you describe those demons is of an academic level. That is your strength. I work with visions, aeonics, changes over time, Nietzschean inspired items, changes within society, … This explains why I have returned to the work I did when I was a member of The OJB. Of course, with new perspectives but the same enthusiasm. I am drawn to Dasein, the stellar and interstellar. I believe this to a our difference in viewing thing.


  2. Bravo. Once again, clarifying what is important in the esoteric essence that is channeled rather than dwelling on exoteric misapprehensions. I understand this to be part of “the labyrinth”; some will get stuck in the exotericism and distracted by symbols to follow and stories to believe, and others will rebel against them and become unable to see the lesson. I believe that ONA’s original proposition is one of elitism is one at every level: mental, spiritual and physical (perhaps I am missing or misrepresenting/misusing).

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    1. Indeed, so it is. The ONA is emanation/manifestion of a much larger reality, a Sinister Hyper-reality. Its existence as a leaderless ‘organization’ will endure as long as the Acausal wants it to presenced here in the Causal. It is a vehicle for the Hermetic and the Dark forces that reside in the Acausal. The Esoteric and exoteric go hand in hand: strengthening each other like the Ouroboros biting its own tail.

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  3. Meditating on the corresponding path, this observation came to me, though I do not know how relevant it is: VindeX, as a word starting with a downward-pointing arrow, indicating the direction of the head of the hanging man, hanging from Saturn and head resting on the Sun, also, perhaps as an upside-down crucified Christ, which is sometimes represented with X. X is used for the Sphere of the Sun, and is the final letter in VindeX.

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    1. That V in Vindex, could also be dragged down longer, straight through the Sun and to the Moon, filling the Sun Moon path, that of Satan, whose ONA sigil has a large V-like figure right at its center, a downwards-pointing arrow stemming more arrows…
      Vindex may yet comprehend Satan, crossing through the Sun, cutting down the Christ? I’m spiraling out a bit by now…

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