SIR: the pathway to the Sphere of Mars

All your vanity, your false pride, your ridiculous idea “to become a god” has been exposed to the awful burning Greatness of Sol. Always remember that you are a finite being confronted with the everburning Fire and grandeur of Sol. Your alchemical vessel has started the process of Putrefactio in order to be reborn anew. Through internal reflection the Sphere of Mars announces itself. Behold the Sphere of War:

Gate-of-Mars  The Sphere of Mars (Von Sanngetall, 2003)

Meditate on the text of Christos Beest:

“…I put before you, the red sigil, of Mars. Touch it.
You are now entering the fifth dark sphere.
You are still in the tower,
but see, how a long despairing shadow, now falls over you,
cast from above by a black, angel.
What horror is this?
What vileness crawls forth to kill slowly in unnatural fashions?
Look! The sky, is blackened with smoke! …
Have you enjoyed the scene so far?
Consider again your kingdoms…
Enormous blue larvae leap into the carnage,
and become bloated on the torrents of blood
and the anguished disembowelment of your minions!
The flesh is flayed…
and the hideous dead arise to strangle the living.
Eaten, necks and heads split,
broken on strange scaffolding to spew out vile jelly!
The shrieks of the dying, fill your ears until they bleed,
blood, also pours, from your mouth, that hangs open, in horror!
This, is the sphere of sacrifice, death, and destruction.
Your hair! Is falling out! LOOK DOWN!!
Entities, are now dismantling the tower. And they look hungry.
But someone… is missing.
There, by a sacrificial stone, your lover, is being hung,
drawn and quartered, by black rot skeletons
and other such animated carcasses!
Sanity! Leaves! In the gouge! Of an eye!
Repulsive entities, have torn you to the ground,
but they are saving you til last,
when you will be given special, and lengthy treatment.
For now, they wish you to watch the destruction, of all that you are…
delighting in your contorting face, that bleeds, and weeps,
and becomes as a mask, of death.
I, will, have to leave you here,
or not even I can bear such terrible sights…
I may be back in time to save you but,
don‟t count on it…
Solace, for the wretched? Nay! There is only damnation!”
(Christos Beest, SIR 1998)

Mars is the embodiment of virility and masculine aggression for Mars fuels the spiritual force, the Will-to-Power, that permeates the cosmos. From an alchemical point of view you should look for the Martian qualities that drive the self/body, the soul, the Geist. One must always search for this tripartite meaning for they all are inter-connected. You simply cannot experience your self/body in a vacuum, for it is inhabited and made alive by your Soul, and your Soul is an emanation of the Geist.

  1. The Self/body: as I stated before, travelling through this Sphere concerns the Sublimierung/Sublimation of your passions and drives (as a homo natura) in order to create a new type of man: someone who, after his Pathei-Matos is ready to travel the Numinous Path. You can call this the Path of the Inner Warrior, the one who has defeated obstacle after obstacle and is still prepared to fall. You might think that Mars is all about sheer, macho violence. No, become humble and Silent and feel connected to your forefathers, your Heimat. Sacrifice that egotistical Self. Train your body according to your abilities. A healhty body and a healthy life style will focuss your attention and make you stronger. This is the most destructive violence one can apply to one’s Self.
  2. The Soul: focus on Völkisch values such as solitude, empathy, humility. Cleanse your Soul from the degrading influence of modern life. Resist all temptation and be ready to repent if necessary. Recognize your atavistic Soul, the savage within. Man is capable of savagery and bestiality and embrace these antagonistic values and cherrish them. Train them through meditation and ritual. The Acéphale is always present. The Dionysian Fire must burn in your Soul.
  3. The Spirit / the Geist: the Geist is that which embraces you and which one can sense underneath everyday worries, day-to-day politics. The Geist is deeply rooted within the Sacred and this is immune to all so-called evolutions.  The Martian qualities of the Geist emphasize its tremendous power, its eternal morality beyond Good and Evil. As a mediator composed out of Air and Water, it is known  as Mercury, namely the messenger of the gods. The Geist connects the Causal and the Acausal, and here were are talking about its fiery, martial character. It is eternal yet Faustian, and as such its drive should fuel you. As you look at the illustration of the Sphere of Mars imagine yourself standing in that particular extraterrestial landscape. Enjoy its destabilizing power.   

The workings of Destruction and Sacrifice are situated on three levels indicating the fact that we are a being-in-the-world, being-with-others, and connected with the Cosmic. You simply cannot understand these qualities without looking at the whole Cosmic picture. As an Alchemist I strive for Unity, the Great All. The Light and the Shadow aspects of Mars make it even more complex, but complete. It is a lifelong study, search and experience that demands Destruction and Sacrifice. Myatt already emphasized this: the need for humility. With Bataille we could say: be prepared to Sacrifice all Reason and delve into this Night of Violence. Only  then, we can emerge enlightened and worthy to receive the Wisdom and Wealth offered by Jupiter. 

Von Sanngetall, 128yf

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Von Sanngetall

My Mystical Path devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

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