The Numinous and modernity


In this blog post I want to share my view on David Myatt’s Mysticism of the Numinous and its importance for the further development of our Acephalic Mysticism. Within the Sinister Tradition the concept of the Numinous has been made clear by the practices, rituals and ethos of the ONA. Now, David Myatt is the mystic who developed through his various experiences (NS, Christian & Buddhist monk, Jihad warrior) the Way of the Numinous. First of all I offer an introduction by describing the valuable insights of Michel Foucault, and of course, Georges Bataille who were both critical of Modernity and how Modernity shaped, moulded and created modern man. This is a philosophical introduction after which we go into various aspects of Myatt’s mysticism.

Michel Foucault & the Greek-Roman Ethos

The French philosopher Michel Foucault (1926 – 1984) was highly critical towards the means and technologies employed by modern systems of power (governments, science, industry, …) to constitute what Foucault called ‘a docile subject’. A ‘subject’ is the term he used for each person subjected by invisible means of control in order to make sure he remains docile. In his works Foucault pointed out that there are are various means to exercise power for example through the use of language (propaganda, scientific vocabulary, psychology, …), through laws set up by different institutions, and so on. One of the most important influences on Foucault, our dear Nietzsche, had already pointed out that the science of psychology  has one sole aim: to know and thus to control. As we know very well data has become one of the most valuable assets. Present-day technology (under the auspices of capitalism and neoliberalism) has even accelerated this process of dominion and, of what I would call, do-cilization and thus reinforcing the mundanity of our species.

Foucault situates the start of this docilization process at the start of modernity (mid 1800’s) and thus a direct result of the Enlightenment. As of modernity knowledge and data have been used to control and actually shape ‘individual life and all social relations. Nietzsche was already aware of mankind’s inappeasable thirst for knowledge and his desire to capture everything into words, books, facts and so on. Instead of increasing our freedom these so-called enlightend practices of modernity delimit our personal space. This ‘will to know’ started as natural laws, racial laws, causal psychologocial reasoning, medical and sexual knowledge and so on. We will come back to the term ‘causal’ when we focus on Myatt’s mysticism of the Numinous.

Natural, medical and psychological sciences were employed in the service of controling its objects, its patients and the priest who conducted this research was the scientist who regarded himself as a completely rational being with one mission: eradicating all forms of superstition/religious/sacredness, of empathy (Myatt), of humility (Myatt). Let us make one thing clear: we are not talking about the ‘pure’ science of cosmology, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry but we focus on the science that is applied to dominate the human subject, to turn him into a study object that is completely rational and predictable. Foucault also refers to the process as a ‘normalising’ process because it clearly defines what is seen as normal and what is abnormal:

For example classic sexual science tells us that sex is only to propagate and thus the only ‘normal’ relationship is one between man and a woman. Linked with this is the ‘instruction’ that women should be at home, raising children, be quiet and so on. Monotheitistic religions such as Christianity and Islam have always advocated this and since modernity the conservative sexual sciences support this as well. According to them both men and women have ‘normal’ roles to play, while history has shown that these roles can change, the woman are powerful as well. Our pagan forefathers held other less ‘normal’ views, relationships between males were condoned in the Greek-Roman society and in our modern society one should keep an open mind. With Crowley homosexual practices were normal as part of his magickal work and the ONA is the first Satanic ‘organisation’ that has a homosexual rite and pays hommage to the Sinister-Feminine instead of classic macho behaviour. Myatt was initiated in the Sinister Tradition by a Priestess. In the world of the Sacred such ‘classic’ roles, supported by science and magian belief, are non-existent and the adept is far more than a docile subject.

Foucault was highly critical of this standardization and the will to turn everything into a homogeneous society. Medical science had terrible methods to ‘fight’ and eradicate mental illnesses for example. Madness, lunacy should not be seen as a threat but an enrichment. Of course, in order to protect society and the patients, the most severe cases must be treated, but in the 19th and 20th century the mentally ill were actually tortured as they were regarded as Üntermenschen. Scientist aimed at ‘internalizing’ their scientific results in order to create better humans. This was also the time of Social Darwinism: instead of eradicating the homo hubris, this ideology actually inforced the Homo Hubris, namely the type of man that believes himself invincible, who acts beyond humility, who because of science deifies himself: he wants to become a god and be revered as such. Nietzsche declared that God was dead and the scientists erected a new one: man himself. The man from modernity no longer looked up to God, but to himself. Such idleness! Myatt’s Mysticism will prove to be the antidote we need.

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