The Age of Brutalism


Brutalism I (Von S, 128 yf)

The almighty Sol

Our Gefallenheit has condemned us to a state of powerlessness in the cruel face of Sol, the Ever-Burning Star. Some may see her as a most kind and benign power, but from an acephalic point of view she actually is most cruel as her energy is infinite, and she spills it without hesitation…over and over again.

As this Western Aeon, which in a Nietzschean way could be called the Age of the Last Men, is entering its final and most pressing period our dear Eorthe is being subjected to fierce and extreme weather periods of heat, drought, floods, storms in several parts of the World. As our behaviour has turned the climate into a raging madhouse, we can only assume that this will continue to haunt us and that we have therefor called upon us our own apocalypse. As this will continue and even get worse, in the end it will be impossible for us to grow crops, drinkable water will become a rare and precious good, and the surrond Nature will no longer be able to flourish as life-bringing insects, such as the bees, will have become exinct and many of the animal species  will have disappeared. Nature running havoc…thanks to us.

Ultimately, as Bataille revealed to us, we are in Sol’s hands and in the grasp of her flames as she smiles upon us, sardonnically. Her volatile nature has turned her, from the source of life and warmth, into one of our most cunning enemies as she is capable of sending out massive blobs of plasma towards Eorthe. These blobs carry an enormously destructive power with the equivalent of millions of nuclear bombs. So, her power is not to be underestimated and therefore her central place in the Tree of Wyrd (from the Sinister Tradition as based on the hermetic Arts of Alchemy) is no coincidence. For more info on this read my text on The Sphere of the Sun.


Brutalism II (Von S, 128 yf)

In our acephalic mysticism we refer to Bataille’s text on Sol, The Solar Anus, and he says the following about our specific relationship with Sol:

The erection and the sun scandalize, in the same way as the cadaver and the darkness of cellars./ Vegetation is uniformly directed towards the sun; human beings, on the other hand, even though phalloid like trees, in opposition to other animals, necessarily avert their eyes. / Human eyes tolerate neither sun, coitus, cadavers, nor obscurity, but with different reactions. (G. Bataille)

Our eyes do not tolerate Sol and its radiation is lethal and often not taken seriously. We must avert our eyes, we must hide in the shadow. Sol brings us Death due to her unrestrained energy:

The Sun exclusively loves the Night and directs its luminous violence, its ignoble shaft, toward the earth, but finds itself incapable of reaching the gaze or the night, even though the nocturnal terrestrial expanses head continuously toward the indecency of the solar ray. (G. Bataille)

The solar rays are indecent, being compared to erections and can be attributed to the Night, to Death itself. As I already described in my meditation on the Sphere of Venus the sexual act and the ecstasy itself is deadly. The orgasm can be equated with a short moment of death.


Brutalism III (Von S, 128 yf)


Now, as Sol’s power increases we may well ask ourselves: What will the future bring here on Eorthe? What is mankind’s Destiny? Let us therefore assume that this is the year 2300. One of these blobs of plasma has hit Eorthe, and has disrupted our festering way of neo-liberal existence: a inauthentic life without respect towards Nature, with little of or no Empathy with the Cosmic. A life that has turned digital and human beings live side by side with AI. Until that moment we did not realise that Sol had a Final Solution in mind witnessing our decadent, obtuse and unrespectful behaviour. The Sphere of Sol not only brings procreation, but as we have seen in Bataille’s description Sol is a destructive vortex and it is most confrontational.

Alchemically speaking the destructive side of Sol, as described in Bataille’s acephalic mysticism, is the Sol Niger or the Black Svn. The Black Svn shines over the alchemical fase called the Nigredo which is represented by “the ‘blacker than black’ colour of putrefaction or hermetic ‘mortification'”. The core of the Nigredo consists of a serious confrontation with the Shadow, the Unconscious, the Collective Unconscious and the neglected part of the psyche. The Shadow may be personal, but there is also a collective one: our atavistic behaviour, our deep-rooted love for violence, our precious gnostic empathy with the Cosmic from whence we came, our undeniable UR-connexion with the Sacred and the Acausal. The Enlightenment and its offshoots have taught us to leave those sentiments and connexions behind, and regard them as irrational, undesirable, cruel, primitive, unintelligent and reactionary. And instead of finding comfort, experiencing an authentic feeling of arriving at one’s Heimat, the hegemony of the Western Aeon has taught man to hate and despise those sentiments and cast them aside. The Last Men (the mundanes as referred to in the Sinister Tradition) who follow those orders are unable to see a far greater Destiny and the Sacrifices it will take. Convinced that there is some humanist utopian future they fail to see the bigger alchemical picture.  

In the alchemical fase of the Nigredo the operation of Putrefactio is the most strong: a particular condition of rot, slow decay and restlessness:

In the midst of life we get caught in the grip of death,

Our brains become black,

This Black is blacker than black. (Alchemical Text)

A condition that belongs to the Wheel of Life and Death. As the Wheel turns the Seven Spheres come again and again. Evola stresses the aeonic (altbeit not using this word) importance of the Hermetic Arts: a universal system with an all-inclusive approach. To fight against the Nigredo, to oppose the Putrefactio is a grave mistake. I would call this the humanist’s conceitedness, his self-satisfaction. The Sol Niger illuminates this dissolution of the body of the Western society, the grand dissolution of Earthly life as we know it. The Sol Niger is effectively this destructive Svn errupting blobs of plasma, but is not only the symbol of this inevitable decay but the roundness of the Black Svn also announces the start of a revival, a recovery.

After Raganarokr there is a new Start, a new Beginning with the resurrection of Baelder, the Sun God, the God of the Solar Sphere. Like all civilizations our Western civilization is destined to perish, to putrefy as man becomes too smugg, too full of himself, self-absorbed as if nothing else matters. A total lack of Empathy as he seems convinced that he himself is the alpha and omega of the Cosmic creation. Somehow because of the evolution of science , technology, postmodern philosophies man started to believe that he is the sole meaning, the sole purpose of the Life Force, of the Will-to-Power while he is only a Vessel, an empty Vessel graced with a divine energy, a divine spark.


Brutalism IV (128 yf)

But being a Promethean, a Faustian driven entity man must forecast his own destruction, his own annihilation in order to be reborn, to return as a much grander species (the Nietzschean Overman), but we are not there yet. The Age of the Last Men is a truly dark Age characterized by the foul smell of Death and Decay. As the air has become hard to breath, greyish because of the small particles of burning wood, building, machines, oil ,the Last Men have become wandering nomads again looking for those lost fruitful places on Eorthe, those supposedely non-contaminated pieces of a paradise that once was. However due to the fires a constant smog burns the respiratory system, leaving behind a constant foul taste in one’s throat, continual couching is heard where tribes of the Last men gather. Many people have become sick and those who are fit are subjected to the Law of Brutality: the weak and sick are trodden upon, killed and when necessary sacrificed and eaten alive. What had been lurking all along, has now surfaced again: pure unadulterated Evil. Man’s ability to abuse and his atavistic (blood)lust for each other’s flesh, the dark spiritual need to enjoy the flesh is invoked and practised during grand Dionysian rituals celebrating the Dark Gods.  These rituals, with ancient roots, fully embrace and celebrate our gnostic-chaotic nature and answer the call of the terrible Void. The rituals are held in the ruins of cathedrals where once men of God praised the Lord, our Saviour. Christ, the Saviour, now hangs decapitated at the Altar of Perversion in these new and grand churches.

The Age of Brutalism

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the coming of the Age of Brutalism as it will be called by those wandering and every-hungry Last Men. Brutalism is the reigning aesthetic that has taken over all art forms in 2300. Just like the Brutalist architecture in the 1960’s and 1970’s it is a return to the rawest and most ugly of all materials created by men, namely concrete. In the 1960’s and 1970’s Brutalism was mainly used for institutional and governmental buildings aimed at being awe-inspiring, demanding respect by invoking fear. Gone was any form or reference to frivolity, playfulness, lightness, optimism of the 1930’s and 1940’s. And instead one is confronted with an atmosphere of rawness, rigid power structures, discipline, honour, seriousness. In 2300 this will be needed once again in an almost toxic environment where the black solar raditation makes life very hard and where nomads roam. In order to rebuild a Traditional society, which once was, dark havens and monumental buildings are needed to protect what is still valuable, what is Sacred. These new Brutalist buildings are needed to reflect the Power of the new world Order.

Once again The Brutalist buildings will echo the need for rigidness, discipline, honour and empathy in a world that has gone mad. They are inhabited and reigned by those aristocratics who are inspired by the Sacred nature of the Sol Niger, by a total control of body and mind. This is a new acephalic Elite, namely refined and illuminated individuals who do not care for those starving and mutilated wandering groups of savages but focus themselves, like their species has always done, on the preparation of a new step in the Evolution, the Destiny of mankind. In Sinister terms the coming of the Aeon of Fire is being prepared by those elitist orders (warrior-priests, mystico-artists, totalitarian minds) that occupy the Brutalist buildings.

I picture this Age of Brutalism therefore as a highly explosive alchemical aeon during which pure and gross forces of chaos roam the burning planes of Eorthe while Tradition, refined culture is being protected and preserved in those Brutalist fortresses. The Sacred takes two seemingly contradictory forms: a more meditative, elevated, Silent Sacredness and an atavatistic chaotic form. A Brutalist World Order must keep both in check, and there is a balance between the sheer animalistic energy outside those buildings and the meditative Silence within those walls. 


Brutalism V (Von S, 128 yf)

Both display Empathy, and both are indispensable if we want the Last Man to evolve into something higher. Nietzsche wrote that the evolution could go both ways and he is right.

Therefore what we can do, as acephalic Nexions, is to invite the Acausal and re-instate our empathy with the Cosmic. In order to reign in the future one must be humble in the present. Whether things will occur as I have just described them or not, we must keep in mind the following acpehalic points of Bataille’s Programme – with a few additions/corrections of my own:

 1. Form an esoteric community, creative of values, values creative of cohesion.

2. Assume the function of destruction and decomposition, but as an accomplishment, and not as a negation of being.

3. Realize the universal accomplishment of personal being in the irony of the animal world and through the revelation of an acephalic universe. One of Tradition and Sacred duty.

4. Take upon oneself perversion and crime, not as exlusive values, but as integrated within the human totality. The Dark Gods are beyond morality.

5. Realise the personal accomplishment of being and its tension through concentration, through a positive asceticism and through positive individual and collective discipline.

6. Fight for the decomposition  and exclusion of all communities socialist, communist or churchly – other than a Traditionalist, Sacred or Sinister community.

7. Affirm the reality of values, the resulting inequality of men, and acknowledge the organic character of society.

8. Take part in the destruction of the existing world, with eyes open to the world to come. Affirm the Wyrd of the West.

9. Affirm the value of violence and the will to aggression insofar as they are the foundation of all power.

Meditate on these words and incorporate them in your individual Sinister Path. Focus on the grotesque nature of the pictures I have provided. Read and absorb books like Iron Gates. Dream of such a post-nuclear, Nigredo-like apotheosis for therein lie the seeds of ever becoming. 333!


Brutalism VI (Von S, 128yf)

(All photographs are taken from the web and I have freely altered them creating an even more dismal, grotesque atmosphere with one single purpose an artistic output of the Sinister. No commercial use intended whatsoever.) 

Sources of inspiration:

  • The Hermetic Tradition (J. Evola)
  • Alchemy and Psychology
  • Writings by G. Bataille
  • Iron Gates
  • The Sinister Tradition as embodied by the ONA


Von S, 128yf

The Sphere of Agape, Eros & Ecstasy

I have just finished my artistic exploration of the Sphere of Venus as part of my intent to symbolize the whole Tree of Wyrd, as a sign of my dedication to the Sinister Tradition.

A lot has already been written about the Sphere of Venus, the astrological aspects of Venus, so no need to copy them. Also the Sphere of Venus has already been described in the Mss of the ONA. There are a few things I have personally added through my exploration of its singular power.

First of all, and part of the exoteric strategy of the ONA, the reference to one of the most ancient symbols of the West, namely the magickal script of the Runes. Specifically for Venus I have drawn the Othala and Fehu Runes.


Fehu, of course, as the Rune of Freya, the most powerful goddess of love, war and sexual attraction of the Northern pantheon. Fehu’s energy stands for the Will-to-Power, Sexual power, Feminine and matriarchal Power. The Rune itself means ‘cattle’ and stood for mobile wealth. But I prefer not to pay attention to the ‘materialistic’ connotation of this Rune as materialism is already the main focus in the West nowadays. The Rune’s spiritual power lies however in the energy, the transference from the acausal to the causal through Love/agape, in the ability to feel empathy, to feel connected with your folk around you, good friends, soul mates, between lovers but also the connection with Nature, your Heimat. This also denotes wealth, but a spiritual one. Being, as Heidegger wrote, is always a being there (Dasein) as we are thrown into this world (Gefallenheit) we are here with others and the Other. There is the transference of energy, of experiences which we are building on and how we shape who and what we are at this moment, but always with a higher aim. For those who are able to ‘feel’ Fehu, to feel the green glow of Venus, reassuring yet tantalizing, know that there is something Eternal calling us. As Myatt described this very well: there is no division between us, ipseity is just an illusion and ipseities offer us no answer, no matter how we are longing after definite answers. The Sphere of Venus offers no answer, but its green colour, one of the colours of Nature, can actually soothe us. Not soothing us ‘to sleep’ but actually an awakening, a break-through. 

The feeling of  empathy and compassion is one through which we become humble again, (as opposed to the ‘Black Magic’ formulas of becoming gods), and then we are ready to receive the richness from the acausal. The Sinister demands one to go beyond one’s limits and to leave the Ego behind. Just like in the alchemical Opus we have to become a vessel ready to accept without hesitation. The same applies to showing compassion: we can learn to love, to hold on. Agape is a Greek term which refers to such a state of mind and which is far more spiritual than the word ‘love’ that is used nowadays. Agape refers to a state of mind which destroys all illusions and puts us in an unconditional position. Unconditionally religious (religare = to connect). A most orthodox state of mind. Bataille demanded us to be ferociously religious. And we will  not contradict him!

Bataille also referred to ‘love’ and ‘friendship’ as forms of wordless communication, a communication without demands, words, and this puts one in a delicate position almost defenceless. One enters the energetic Continuous where boundaries by definitions no longer apply. When I meditate I open my being-there to the World, and I let go of all my thoughts by casting them aways as illusionary. Agape is for those who are committed to an acephalic path of pure, selfless commitment. The ‘I’ is no longer present, one is devoted to a higher cause, devoted to the happiness of a friend or lover, to the spiritual realization of one’s Wyrd, the Wyrd of the West. A Higher Destiny of which Spengler and Heidegger wrote. Agape is also a Christian term, but one should not be afraid of it, or cast it aside as something ‘un-satanic’ or ‘weak’, for the term goes beyond all morality: to feel connected is a naturalistic essence. It goes beyond ‘good & evil’ and orthodox Christianity (its roots being Gnostic) is well aware of that.

We are all driven by a thrist, a longing, a will-to-power (Buddhist tanha), and we all have the need to satisfy this but let us not focus on that kind of easy satisfaction. Those urges and cravings steer us away from any possibility to inter-connect, to feel the energy drawn from the acausal to the causal.


The Othala Rune’s energy denotes the spiritual inheritance from our ancestors, our people, the land where we have been raised, its traditions, its folklore, its customs. What can we learn from those traditions that also played an important role in Europe such those of the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, Christianity and gnosticism. What can we learn from them? I genuinely believe in an Wordless tradition, a Tradition of the Soul which has been causally transferred through the ages into the Alchemical Tradition of the Great Work. The Sinister Tradition and my particular acephalic path are based on those ancient insights, add new ideas but are loyal to the Tradition.

Now, the Othala Rune exoterically reconnects me to my Heimat, the environment where I have been raised and which strenghtens me to honour those ancients Traditions. Albeit there being different high cultures (Greek, Roman, Arab, Christian) this is not about modern-day multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is only focussed on the causal (food, spice, habits and so on) while an über-cultural Tradition is about the lifting of the Soul, about what Jung referred as a collective unconcious. The Green sphere of Venus can be seen as nurturing that feeling of connecting again.  

Another important aspect of the Othala Runes can be traced back to nobilitas, nobility, being noble. And this is an important element if we desire to grow spiritually, to evolve further and further away from the pathetic state of the mundanes in order to realise the Nietzschean Overman. Hence the connection with the Fehu Rune in the Sphere of Venus.

The Wet Path

Alchemically speaking this is the Sphere of Conjunction (in Naos one refers to Coagulation but I cannot agree with this). In the Hermetic Arts Conjunction occurs when a synthesis, a conjunctio occurs of the anima and the animus, the unconscious and conscious, the natural and that which one knows. One must therefore enter the Continuous and start to look introspectively: the Geist must turn towards itself (the inner change of which Myatt writes) instead of always looking at the outside. We must let ourselves be seduced by the Numinous or what Bataille calls the Sacred. Situated in the Sphere of Venus we talke about the Feminine principle, the eternal-Female which has always been honoured in the Satanic manifestation of the Numinous Sinister Tradition. This is quite a revolution as most Satanic ipseities are male oriented, and regard the female as being submissive, to be controlled. In that opinion these paths do not differ from the Magian beliefs they claim to criticize. The Sinister Tradition however is unique because of its utmost respect towards the female. This is based on the Alchemical understanding of the anima and the animus.

The Path of Venus is what is called a wet Path where the practioner is burnt by water. In the wet path of hermetism there also occur sexual symbols. The sexual act can therefore be seen as an alchemical process in which man and woman are united in love. The conjunctio of man and woman is akin to the operation between two vessels:

“the active and passive, the golden force against the captivating and sympathetic wet force that ‘dissolves’ the former and its own ‘enclosure’.  […] ‘Our corpereal gold is as though dead before it unites with its mate. Only then is the secret, interior Sulfur developed’. […] ‘With the Sulfur of Venus, the inner sulfur of man is rectified, reinforced and wholly perfected’.”  (Julius Evola, The Hermetic Tradition)  

Death &  Ecstasy

Interestingly, Evola also mentions the fact that the hermetic texts frequently “speak of a death that is a consequence of the coniunctio, of the ‘joining’, perhaps it also refers to the trauma that can occur at the height of the embrace and orgasm if subjected to a deliberate control.” Bataille referred to the orgasm as a ‘little death’ and this is exactly what occurs at the culmination of the sexual act: ecstasy or ekstasis: going beyond of oneself. In this moment of rapture one become headless, acephalic as one transgresses the limits of ipseity.  The Sphere of Venus can therefore be deadly as well and the Dark Goddess Darkat reigns most supremely.

Dragon and the Ouroboros

In Naos one can find the symbol Dragon as being atributed to the Sphere of Venus. I have chosen the Ouroboros as it stands for the endless flux of energy, birth and Death, creation and destruction, and I find these aspects united in the Sphere of Venus. Freya as a Goddess embodies both love and war, creation & destruction. The dragon, often described to Mercury with which Venus is connected, devours itself and recreates and archetypically symbolizes the collective UR-grond of the Life Cycle.  The attribution to Mercury is perhaps more accurate but Venus does possess such maternal qualities as well for the Water, as they element of Venus, also refers to the maternal water from which we are all born. The Mother as a guardian of the Life Force.  

We can therefore conclude that the Sphere of Venus has much to offer to the practitioner. Approach it with the utmost respect. Enjoy the sexual rapture & the mystical Death. Become Acephalic!

Agios O Darkat! 333! 

Von S, 128 yf


  • The Hermetic Tradition (Julius Evola)
  • Alchemie en psychologie
  • MSS by Myatt

The Sphere of Venus 

On this Friday a new Work in progress: the Sphere of Venus. Attributed to Freya. The strong combination of the Fehu and Othilla Rune. 

Two most noble Runes. Fehu, the life force of Venus, the Will-to-Power, radiant sexuality. Othilla: the Rune of inherited wealth, the fatherland, der Heimat from which the Numinous force grows. 

This will be finished in a day or two.

Von S, 128 yf