Solar transformation: Death & Rebirth


The Sphere of Sol

The alchemical opus can be symbolized by travelling along the pathways meditating on the Seven Spheres: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Luna and Sol or we can see it through the maturation of the different kinds of metal: mercury, lead, tin, iron, copper, silver and gold. Jung also regards this as a psychological process as the alchemist needs to conquer psychic obstacles. According to the Sinister Tradition the alchemist has advanced macrocosmic, aeonic goals, but on a microcosmic level it also signifies the psychological development of the adept travelling along the Pathways.


The Sphere of Sol, detail from the Tree of Wyrd

The Sphere of Sol is where we start now, and this is ultimately represented by the precious metal Gold. As you know Sol does not stand on its own for it has a partner and opponent, namely Luna. Together Luna and Gold symbolize the unconcious and the conscious part of our psyche. Following gnostic thinkers such as Jung, Bataille this dualism, this dyad is exactly the foundation, the core of the inner conflict of each individual. The various example of opposition and adversity: Sol versus Luna, spirit versus matter, the causal versus the acausal, Mars versus Venus, knight versus dragon, slave versus master, good versus evil, order versus chaos, Profane versus Sacred, elite versus mundane form the engine of our Being. This dualism is very real and its potency should be acknowledged for they make an ongoing transgression, a dialectic movement possible. They repel and attract each other and no wonder for they have emerged from a deeper spiritual level, namely from the Prima Materia, the Massa Confusa of the Abyss. Those who venture deep into the Abyss will find each opposition ‘solved’:


The Cleansing Fire

The mundanes do not care less, and simply pick the above mentioned values as they please, but the Alchemist wants to confront this Massa Confusa in order to become an individual worthy of a higher Solar Society, a Traditional Society as the basis of the Galactic Empire . He realises that he needs to immerse himself, if he wants to outgrow the underdeveloped and embryonic state of utter chaos. He therefore applies the element of Fire: a most active element which symbolizes emotions, drifts and urges, but it also cleanses, purifies those particular polluting and distracting forces (emotions, drifts, urges) to which the alchemist is being exposed. As is clear from various alchemical writings: the fire does cleanse, purify, burn but it never digests. This process is mainly an introspective, meditative one. As if the Fire switches off the rational of the mundane occupations of the Alchemist and makes it possible to become Acéphalic. It is our understanding that the Fire stands for a spiritual transformation: like a snake shedding its skin, the Alchemist throws off the yoke of mundaness.

Baldur’s Death and Rebirth


“Baldur’s Death” by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (1817)

Besides Alchemy there is another powerful tool for the Adept of the Sinister Tradition, namely myths and tales. In the spiritually empoverished and desacralized West it is necessary to re-evoke to power of Völkish myths. I therefore turn to the Völuspa with the Norse Gods as powerful archetypes. In the original design of the Tree of Wyrd (Naos) one finds “Baldur” being attributed to the Sphere of the Sun. Imagine the mighty Baldur: an animating force, a vivifying energetic vortex, a most beautiful and impeccable white god depicting the sanctity and the Divine Beauty of Life at its peak.  Hod, the blind god, is his brother/partner and his opponent: clarity, light versus blindness, darkness. Baldur’s unfortunate and unexpected death (a devilish scheme by Loki) by the mistletoe means the decline of solar season, namely summer, and signifies the coming of the cold and barren winter, followed by Ragnarok after which Baldur’s rebirth marks the beginning of a new Aeon. This is the rebirth of the Alchemist, of the Adept after confronting himself with the Goddess Hel during his immersion in the underworld, the confrontation with the Massa Confusa.

As we are approaching the 25th of December, Winter Solstice, we will be able to witness the moment of Baldur’s Rebirth, the return of the Light in the ever spinning and returning cosmic cycle of Events. Let us therefore meditate upon this moment of Rebirth which was a genuine Tradition from our forefathers taken over and copied by the Church. The gnostic origins of the early christianity do have its roots in this pagan Tradition as well: the Gnostic Christ as the Saviour, a Vindex to be reborn!

Myatt wrote the following about Vindex:

Vindex is the name of one such numinous prophecy of the near future: an archetypal figure who, by practical deeds, brings-into-being a new way of life and who confronts, and who defeats, through force of arms, those forces which represent the dishonour and the impersonal tyranny so manifest in the modern world, especially in what it is convenient to call “the West”.
Vindex thus represents, par excellence, what is numinous, and restores the balance that has been lost; lost because of the imposition of un-numinous, impersonal, and tyrannical, abstractions. As mentioned elsewhere (for instance, in Honour: The Practical Foundation of The Numinous Way, and The Way of The Warrior ), personal honour is one primary manifestation of the numinous, and it is personal honour that the abstract impersonal laws of all large modern “nation-States” take away, reducing the individual, as such States do, to a mere characterless often debt-ridden lackey or drone who is expected to toil to pay the taxes that the State imposes, which taxes are nothing more than a government run protection-racket, and which taxes keep the whole rotten, corrupt System of corrupt dishonourable politicians, and their flunkeys, going.

Therefore you will find in my design the word Vindex in Runes circling around the Triangle of Fire. Our Vindex, as he represents the Numinous, is the Solar Warrior-Priest, the muscular God chasing off the Shadows and the spiritual void from the mundane world. Just like the Prince Siddhattha he is from royal descent and totally detached from the average material world. He is the One that is Awakened  (Julius Evola).   


By Arno Breker

The Sowilo and Eiwaz Runes

Furthermore you can find the Sowilo and Eiwaz Runes in my drawing. The Sowilo Rune symbolizes the promise of the New Aeon and thus the accomplishment of the Wyrd of the West. The Rune’s historical importance cannot be underestimated and to the Traditional Soul, the Authentic Being of the West it offers guidance and good luck. Meditate on the esoteric essence of the Sowilo Rune: let it guide you, and it will take you through the Massa Confusa until you return as a reborn man. Just like a thunderbold its cosmic energy will strenghten you along your Path.

Around the Sowilo Rune you can see The Wheel of Eiwaz: based on the Black Sun from the Wevelsberg the Wheel stands for Quintessence or Aether, the Fifth element which we situate in the Acausal, the realm of the Sacred: an endless and boundless source of antinomian energy, some might say dark matter. The Eiwaz Rune represents the timelessness of the Acausal and the sudden intrusion of the Acasaul forces, the Dark Gods, will mean a total chaos, a rupture in our existence. It is the coming of Ragnarok. Yet this is a necessary stage, this Aeon of Fire, to connect the coming Men with the Galactic Aeon. The bridge to this new Aeon is formed by the Eihwaz Rune.

Let the Vindex lead us!

Let yourself be absorbed by the  Sowilo and Eiwaz Runes!

Behold the Black Sun!


As you have seen it is all interconnected: the transmutation of metals, the Spheres, the Elements, the Runes, the Myths. Far more can be explored as I am sure that more experienced initiates (technically I see myself as a mystic) will see even more depth and meaning in this all.

I can only say that a world without Tradition, without myths is an empty world devoid of any meaning. 

Von S, 127yf


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Von Sanngetall

Slave and Master and devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

6 thoughts on “Solar transformation: Death & Rebirth”

    1. You truly make my day. This is the reason why I have the impulse to write this. From a magickal point of view you are far more advanced and experienced than me. My aims are different: the mystical, the philosophical and the creation through Art is what guides. Each has a role to play and I share my findings, my insights most gladly. This is how a Tradition grows and stays alive. I am most anxioius to know your experiences. Feel free to use use my drawings. I’m starting now with the preparations of the Sphere of Mars. First the drawing and then the meditation and the text. Respect to you, brother.

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      1. I have only been a practitioner for six or seven years: something about the way I write appears to adventitiously obscure this fact.
        I have much respect for you as well, and I thank you for the permission to make use of your creations.

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