Short commentary on the Tree of Wyrd

img_9011My particular interpretation of the Tree of Wyrd, as originally depitected in Naos is based on the following research, insights:

The Sowilo Rune

At the center you can find the Sowilo Rune, one of the most powerful Runes. Traditionally in Runic workings: this is the Rune of Guidance, goal setting and success. As a solar Rune it stands for grand accomplishments, cosmic achievements. Meditation on this Rune must guide your thoughts to spiritual Victory and detach your-self from mundane activities, everyday projects that enslave one’s Warrior Soul and actually turn your Soul over to, what Heidegger, called das Man. Heidegger uses this particular concept in Sein und Zeit to refer to an inauthentic state of being-in-the-world, namely a way of living or rather being lived by the current Welt Geist without reflection, without expressing any doubt with regard to the way things are evolving. The Sowilo Rune demands reflection, attention because of its bold presence.

From a Sinister, Aeonic point of view I have chosen to draw the Sun Rays Widdershin to denote the end of the Kali Yuga, the coming of Ragnarokr. The Sol Niger or Black Sun has great importance in the Alchemical tradition, and its antinomian power has shone through the deceptive clouds of democracy and the present Western Decay. Albeit this only being causal, the acausal resonance cannot be denied and its Energy is present in all those who are willing to open themselves to it. Be thou, therefore a beacon guiding these dismal energies for the greater glory.

The Black Sun denotes the Nigredo, yet the Sun adds to it a Solar triumphant quality. Notice therefore the element of Fire present in the three rays around the Sowilo Rune.

The Alchemical Sword

Now, besides the Black Sun there is a Sword through the middle of the Black Sun. The Alchemical Sword is described by Jung as the sacred instrument which stand for the solutio or the separatio of the elements. In the words of Jung: the Sword kills and Vivifies. It is indespensable for the Alchemical Work. The solutio of the Base Matter in the secret Mercurial water means that all the material that is was suppressed is being exposed. This is a confrontation with a shadow, a dark past, a hideous crime, something which has remained hidden so far. Wielding the Alchemical Sword means that one is presencing something Sinister: performing a heretical ritual or deed. The traditional Satanism of the ONA offers many and honourful opportunities to do so.

The Alchemist Paracelsus can be seen carrying the Alchemical Sword with AZOTH written on it. Azoth is actually the agent of transformation, the electrifying spirit that animates all matter and, if used carefully and respectfully, will act as the engine to actually transform, transmutate Base Matter. Azoth can be seen as the energy flow between the Acausal and Causal and one needs to trigger, guide that to start the inner spiritual growth. The crystal Tetrahedron, of which I already spoke, is used in the Sinister Tradition to presence the Cosmic.

The Seven spheres and beyond

In our Acephalic Mysticism the Alchemical Sword plays an important part as well. The Sword can be used to decapitate and this is called the Sacrificium Intellectus or Sacrifice of the intellect. The phrase has been used in a pejorative sense meaning that one becomes willingless, without reason ready to do whatever is expected. Of course, we do not want people devoid of any backbone, sheep following the flock. We need strong-willed and intelligent persons who are ready to question everything and do not just join flocks. But the Sacrificium Intellectus is only a temporary state, and it shows one’s courage, one’s devotion to the higher Cause, to the Wyrd of one’s State and the Aeon. To be able to judge without reason shows that one is openminded to less ‘scientific truths’, heretical ideas that are not welcome in a so-called democracy, ideas with regard to Traditionalism and honourful living. We do not need sheep nor loose cannons. An Acephalic Mind is rigorously religious, meaning that one is able to connect with the Cosmic, and realise that the Causal is only limited, in space and in time.

The Tree of Wyrd is about one’s spiritual growth through the Seven Planets and its particular forces, and only a few individuals are able to progress onwards beyond the seven spheres reaching immortality: the connection with the “One the All” (written in Greek). As Julius Evola describes this in The Hermetic Tradition:

Only when we have succeeded in recapturing a living and “symbolic” sensitivity toward everything modern man has fossilized as dead “nature” and abstract concepts will we arive at the first principle of the true hermetic teaching. The principle is unity, and the formula that expresses it can be found in the Chrysopoeia of Cleopatra: “One the All” […].

The unity to presence the Acausal within the Causal to disrupt the latter, to expose the latter to its own Shadow which resides in the abyssal Ungrund. The Ungrund is unfathomable and utterly incomprehensible. In the end the “Ungrund” and the “One the All” which you can see on the drawing, touch each other: the total dissolution of das Dasein in order to unleash those powers to set in the new Aeon, the Aeon of Fire.

Can you imagine the final outburst of the Sun?



Von S, 127yf

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Von Sanngetall

My Mystical Path devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

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    1. Thank you. I must confess the title is quite odd and uninspiring. This work helped me to find a place for the Acephalic within the whole corpus of the Alchemical work. Instinctively I knew it would find its own niche but the Alchemical Sword was the Key so to speak.

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