How to become one of Satan’s Treasures?

Les Trésors de SatanTake a look at Jean Delville’s marvelous painting ‘Les Trésors de Satan’. I had the chance to see it for real during an exhibition featuring various Symbolist artists, and when I stood in front of this momumental painting my mind was engulfed by this yellowish, gold-coloured river of nude men and women writhing like snakes. A stream of vibrant flesh with acid overtones. I noticed how the majestic purple shone brilliantly as it exposed its royal character to the onlooker.

Look carefully and you can see the bodies melting together and fusing their energies for they are (being) attracted towards each other. Exposing their otherwise repressed desires they feel at home in Satan’s Temple. This is not God’s Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve were confronted with the Serpent, and where Eve was tempted to rebel against her god in order “to acces even greater worlds” (Against Happiness, Eric G. Wilson). “Fallen from perfect and eternal concord” Adam and Eve were taken up by the ever-becoming Flux of life. Self-consciousness was born: a division of spirit and matter – res cogitans versus res extensa. Yet not diametrically opposed but supporting and enforcing the other; the interaction between mind and environment.

By becoming one of Satan’s treasures one enters His ‘Garden of Eden’: the subconscious; just like the coral reef one wanders a drowned land. Georges Bataille calls this the continuum where reason and work no longer rule. This is the domain of extasy and eroticism. This is the realm where the melancholic souls dwell and make love with one another. Dive into Being itself, the river of flesh & blood and become fluid. Listen to the Will to Power and yield all resistance and let the orgiastic energy take over. Just like in a absinthe-feverish dream anguish (existential angst) and excitement become one. Let the Death Drive take over and put your Self into Satan’s most willingful Hands.

Von S 127yf

Published by

Von Sanngetall

Slave and Master and devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

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