The Acéphalic and the 7FW

My altar piece is finished:

Based on André Masson’s original drawing I created a more warrior type of Acéphalic man. Acéphalic mysticism aims for the same objectives of the 7fw and honours the same principles. 

The Acéphalic warrior holds the Sacrificial knife and the Sacred Heart in his hands. The Knife is bloody and the Heart burns brightly. The Sacred Heart represents the power of the Numinous.

The intestines are at the centre of the Septagram. They represent the labyrinthic road the wanderer of the 7FW have to travel.

Surrounded by the 7 planets the Acéphalic warrior ‘sees’ with his penal eye, the third eye. So he is able to pierce the Darkness of the Abyss. Thanks to Erica Frevel’s drawing on the cover of The  Deplorable Word I had the inspiration to add the penal eye. Bataille mentions this in his writings as well.

More on this later.

127 YF

Published by

Von Sanngetall

My Mystical Path devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

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