Short meditation on Suffering – The Scars of Victory

What does his lifeless body show you? A carrier of non-knowledge. The Victim has become the King as he lies before the empty Throne of your Ratio. Lossless. A Tortured object. Dismemberment. A valueless sensation that exalts the senses of the onlookers. Imagine him screaming, agonizing as the white of his peering and gasping eyes reflects the image of the executioner-priest meticulously sculpting his work of art. The lacerations – blood red, infectious rivers polluted with Lust & Desire – that may carry you away into the core of the Labyrinth. The Body has just become Sovereign as it rises above the Zeitgeist. Seamed with bites, scars and passionate kisses, a story is being unfolded with unknown symbols: the work of God is desecrated, beheaded. A bodily grimoire holding the key. Suffering becomes an endless victory; an occult tangent never reaching its aim. ANGUISH = COMMUNICATION. 


The Acéphalic and the 7FW

My altar piece is finished:

Based on André Masson’s original drawing I created a more warrior type of Acéphalic man. Acéphalic mysticism aims for the same objectives of the 7fw and honours the same principles. 

The Acéphalic warrior holds the Sacrificial knife and the Sacred Heart in his hands. The Knife is bloody and the Heart burns brightly. The Sacred Heart represents the power of the Numinous.

The intestines are at the centre of the Septagram. They represent the labyrinthic road the wanderer of the 7FW have to travel.

Surrounded by the 7 planets the Acéphalic warrior ‘sees’ with his penal eye, the third eye. So he is able to pierce the Darkness of the Abyss. Thanks to Erica Frevel’s drawing on the cover of The  Deplorable Word I had the inspiration to add the penal eye. Bataille mentions this in his writings as well.

More on this later.

127 YF

Agios O Davcina

Davcina, thou represents the ancient Female Force that resides within the causal and Acausal universe

Sinister goddess, Mistress of the Earth, bless me with thy Wisdom and Wealth

The Wisdom of the Acéphale. Non-Knowledge, non-Salvation through union with the Void.

The Wealth of the Abyss coming forth from opening myself to thee, exposing myself to thy chtonic and terrifying presence.

I vibrate thy name as I stare into thy Sigil.