The IMMORTAL Essence of the Polar Ice

IMMORTAL  - The Eternal Essence of the Polar IceWhich BM adept does not recognize that greatness of this record? Immortal as an artistic entity embodied the spiritual profundity of the abysmal Ice. Contrary to mankind’s need of security, superiority, control, the Ice does not fit within our rational mind for we cannot grasp it. Just like one is overwhelmed while listening to Immortal’s sonic work of art. The endless Ice reflects our fears, our anguish not being able to control things, not knowing what is lurking beyond the Threshold.

The substance of Ice is completely different from the solidness of the earth in which the alchemist seeks the philosopher’s stone. The warm soothing earth versus the freezing coldness of the Ice which annihilates our certainty, our dependence on this earth. The Ice holds a sublime force which, when awakened, we are not able to comprehend; a multifaced, heterogeneous rupture that sweeps down like an avalanche. Just like a crystal tetrahedon from ONA’s tradition the crystals of Ice break down the light and transforms it.

The substance of Ice is also different from the earth because the Ice has a liquid form when the environment is too warm. “A flow of water can freeze and cohere into a plane of shining Ice” (Wilson, The Spiritual History of Ice). From a formless state of water we witness the formation of several ingenious geometric structures. As Wilson writes: “Entropy jumps into negentropy, flat disorder into cubic textures. Being becomes beings.” This natural phenomenon is actually spiritual as it holds the essence of being and becoming, which we have forgotten for we are being tied to our identities, our egos, our work, our titles and so on. From a heterogeneous state of being we have been plunged into a cosomos of homogeneous, crippling forces of the Demiurg.

The crystal, describes Wilson, “suggests a poetics of self-organization: poetic forms that mimic the processes by which holistic powers metamorphose (turn, trope) into individual organs“. So, an abyss of holistic powers, an organic system in which we can discern seperate beings organizing an indifferent energy of life. All things, textures are in different states of liquidity and they are spawned by an abyss of holistic powers, like Ice being spawned by water. Their structure encapsulates the original energy which is inherent to the water and this energy is used to build the particular structure of the crystal. All things can be seen as “vortices of the void”: they keep the original energy and turn it into something particular which is finite depending on the velocity, but finite in the end and then it returns back to the original Chaos from when it came. Just like when the crystal melts, it becomes water again and then it releases its energy. The abysmal Ice has therefore a spiritual profundity which we can see in the Tetrahedon from the ONA tradition.

I would like to compare the ONA itself to a crystal itself or rather a whole lot of crystal reflecting, breaking the causal Light, distorting it, transforming it the way the Sinister Dialectics work. A crystal is able to hold abysmal energy which explains the centrality of a crystal or a tetrahedon for one’s meditational and occult work. Mine is not a tetrahedon, but a nice crystal which I stumbled upon in an obsure shop in Ghent. It has been with me for about 20 years and has accumulated the energy within my study where I do my writing, meditation, where I listen to BM and so on.

The ONA being formed out of several crystals is exactly the poetics of self-organization. The ONA is a pagan tradition spawned forth from several ancient rural traditions and through the years I have been acquainted with the ONA (about 22 years) the Order has organized and re-organized itself taking different forms every time and in each decade new individuals taking up different roles. The ONA adept is a crystal himself for the sister or brother accumulates chtonic energy from the Abyss and thereby shaping the way one exists, one lives,one’s environment, one’s art and so on. Those who take the ONA seriously do not boast about it and they can withdraw from the surface when they need to. Just like the melting of the crystal to become part of the flow of water again.

I’ve had such a period myself after being active for more than 10 years I disappeared, or rather Von Sanngetall disappeared from the stage. I studied philosophy (Bataille, Lacan, Freud, …), got married and lived a more stable life. Now I have resurfaced so to speak and a crystal started to grow again and it changes form and structure day by day. My form does not matter to me. I regard the Chaos as the Mother who has spawned me and the tradition of the ONA feels most naturally to me. Therefore I exist..for now.

Hold your crystal very close to you and see yourself mirrored. The Crystal is you but be aware for it has labyrinthine powers as well. Its complex structure is like your unconscious mind, being the blueprint of the polymorphous perverse being you are. As a human being you should be humble and you should never assume a godlike status. My mysticism is acephalic for there is no godhead. We are all vortices, powerful yet incalculable. The Chaos commands us! Ordo ab Chao.333!

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Von Sanngetall

My Mystical Path devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

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