A terrifying vision: man’s non-identity and the Void within

ImageThis is a haunting self-portrait by the Belgian painter Léon Spilliaert. I found a most fitting analysis and description of this dark painting in one of our newspapers. The author, Eric Rinckhout, mentions 4 important elements: the Night, the Eye, the Clock and the Mirror.

Being a gastric patient Léon Spilliaert often wasn’t able to sleep and therefore he wandered through his house in Oostende and silently observed himself. This work of art is not a painting, but it is water-colour drawing combined with coloured pencil and East Indian ink. The absence of colour, the black and white, greyish green and red tints emphasize the drabness of the Night. The Night is very important in the Bataillean occult for the Night defies all ‘vision’, all understanding, all understanding. Look at the artist staring into Nothingness, aimlessly as if is he waiting for some demon to appear.

The eye. Being an insomniac the artist looks at things from an uncanny perspective. Beyond logic and durability. All the certainties of one’s daily life are now gone, evaporated so to speak as the greyness of the Night enters. The Eye staring at us is the Left Eye, the ‘evil eye’. Evil not being the absence of good, but the presence of vitality, power, ongoing energy without purpose. A Solar eye. This is the eye of corruption for its power destroys our identity. It makes us realize that we are ‘nothing’, that man’s existence in the cosmos in the end is utterly meaningless despite our self-centred ideologies, our sciences that make us feel unconquerable. Look closely at the fear and anguish reflected by that eye being the core of our existence. The head seems to be a death’s head; almost headless. The Joy before Death.The all immersive Joy of the Void.

The Clock: can you hear the ticking sound of an old clock? The clock standing on the mantle piece in front of an empty mirror as if it were a passage way into another time frame, a parallel universe where the Dark Gods dwell.

The Mirror: Spilliaert observed himself in a mirror from the bottom up so the figure seems to stare into an Abyss which fulfills him with horror. This has created a claustrophobic atmosphere which makes this work of art even more impressive.

We may not have an ‘identity’ but this drawing shows the anguish, the dread, the horror that lurks within us, deep down, hidden beneath our shallow thoughts. It is not a ‘truth’ but far beyond because it is non-human and far too inhuman to experience. Such self-contemplation destabilizes us and throws us in the Abyss. Are you prepared for this?

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Von Sanngetall

My Mystical Path devoted to the Acephalic God. The body and mind can be a nexion for the Dark Gods. Joy before Death! 333!

3 thoughts on “A terrifying vision: man’s non-identity and the Void within”

  1. It’s interesting to see the image referenced here in a different context. In 2002, when C. Donovan was talking about the cover artwork for the Somnambulant Corpse Recordings tribute to H. P. Lovecraft entitled The Outsider: An Aural Channeling of H.P. Lovecraft, I suggested the Spilliaert piece to him, as it seems to me perfectly to embody the moment at the end of the tale when the Outsider spies himself in the mirror. In the end, the painting wasn’t used for the front cover, but it did appear on the back of the DVD case


  2. Correction: As I was writing my comment, above, I forgot that, as the above post/article states, the work is not a painting–although I didn’t know that until I read this post. One certainly couldn’t tell based on the reproductions of the work thata re available online.


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