The IMMORTAL Essence of the Polar Ice

IMMORTAL  - The Eternal Essence of the Polar IceWhich BM adept does not recognize that greatness of this record? Immortal as an artistic entity embodied the spiritual profundity of the abysmal Ice. Contrary to mankind’s need of security, superiority, control, the Ice does not fit within our rational mind for we cannot grasp it. Just like one is overwhelmed while listening to Immortal’s sonic work of art. The endless Ice reflects our fears, our anguish not being able to control things, not knowing what is lurking beyond the Threshold.

The substance of Ice is completely different from the solidness of the earth in which the alchemist seeks the philosopher’s stone. The warm soothing earth versus the freezing coldness of the Ice which annihilates our certainty, our dependence on this earth. The Ice holds a sublime force which, when awakened, we are not able to comprehend; a multifaced, heterogeneous rupture that sweeps down like an avalanche. Just like a crystal tetrahedon from ONA’s tradition the crystals of Ice break down the light and transforms it.

The substance of Ice is also different from the earth because the Ice has a liquid form when the environment is too warm. “A flow of water can freeze and cohere into a plane of shining Ice” (Wilson, The Spiritual History of Ice). From a formless state of water we witness the formation of several ingenious geometric structures. As Wilson writes: “Entropy jumps into negentropy, flat disorder into cubic textures. Being becomes beings.” This natural phenomenon is actually spiritual as it holds the essence of being and becoming, which we have forgotten for we are being tied to our identities, our egos, our work, our titles and so on. From a heterogeneous state of being we have been plunged into a cosomos of homogeneous, crippling forces of the Demiurg.

The crystal, describes Wilson, “suggests a poetics of self-organization: poetic forms that mimic the processes by which holistic powers metamorphose (turn, trope) into individual organs“. So, an abyss of holistic powers, an organic system in which we can discern seperate beings organizing an indifferent energy of life. All things, textures are in different states of liquidity and they are spawned by an abyss of holistic powers, like Ice being spawned by water. Their structure encapsulates the original energy which is inherent to the water and this energy is used to build the particular structure of the crystal. All things can be seen as “vortices of the void”: they keep the original energy and turn it into something particular which is finite depending on the velocity, but finite in the end and then it returns back to the original Chaos from when it came. Just like when the crystal melts, it becomes water again and then it releases its energy. The abysmal Ice has therefore a spiritual profundity which we can see in the Tetrahedon from the ONA tradition.

I would like to compare the ONA itself to a crystal itself or rather a whole lot of crystal reflecting, breaking the causal Light, distorting it, transforming it the way the Sinister Dialectics work. A crystal is able to hold abysmal energy which explains the centrality of a crystal or a tetrahedon for one’s meditational and occult work. Mine is not a tetrahedon, but a nice crystal which I stumbled upon in an obsure shop in Ghent. It has been with me for about 20 years and has accumulated the energy within my study where I do my writing, meditation, where I listen to BM and so on.

The ONA being formed out of several crystals is exactly the poetics of self-organization. The ONA is a pagan tradition spawned forth from several ancient rural traditions and through the years I have been acquainted with the ONA (about 22 years) the Order has organized and re-organized itself taking different forms every time and in each decade new individuals taking up different roles. The ONA adept is a crystal himself for the sister or brother accumulates chtonic energy from the Abyss and thereby shaping the way one exists, one lives,one’s environment, one’s art and so on. Those who take the ONA seriously do not boast about it and they can withdraw from the surface when they need to. Just like the melting of the crystal to become part of the flow of water again.

I’ve had such a period myself after being active for more than 10 years I disappeared, or rather Von Sanngetall disappeared from the stage. I studied philosophy (Bataille, Lacan, Freud, …), got married and lived a more stable life. Now I have resurfaced so to speak and a crystal started to grow again and it changes form and structure day by day. My form does not matter to me. I regard the Chaos as the Mother who has spawned me and the tradition of the ONA feels most naturally to me. Therefore I exist..for now.

Hold your crystal very close to you and see yourself mirrored. The Crystal is you but be aware for it has labyrinthine powers as well. Its complex structure is like your unconscious mind, being the blueprint of the polymorphous perverse being you are. As a human being you should be humble and you should never assume a godlike status. My mysticism is acephalic for there is no godhead. We are all vortices, powerful yet incalculable. The Chaos commands us! Ordo ab Chao.333!

The Sinister Feminine force


Part 1. Bataille’s Transgression and Hindu Trantrism

The Sinister Femine is an omnipresent Force that has always been consciously suppressed and ignored by the monotheistic religions and other RHP ideologies. From that point of view the paternal system with the almighty father figure rules suppremely for there is no goddess, and women are seen as witches, dangerous specimen to be avoided at all cost. The RHP myths do not pay any respect to women at all, except perhaps for being a virgin mother, a gentle and frigid housewife, a nun, and other stereotypes that need to confirm women’s so-called vices and weakness.

Therefore I would like to focus on the Sinister Feminine as it has been described in many pagan, pre-christian/gnostic, polytheistic myths, in the mythology of the ONA, namely a powerful energy that genuinely disrupts the status quo, not a gentle one, nor a child caring one or any other stereotypes that should turn women into passive creatures one should not reckon with. Even within so-called satanist circles women are merely stage props, sex dolls to lie on the altar, or during the occassional bourgeouis Black Mass ‘whores’ to fuck with. The male participants, the satanic priests, being equally simple-minded of course.

No, I want to pay respect to an ancient old force that has been present before the very formation and birth of our cosmos, namely an exponent of the Grand Void itself where the dualities of male versus female, good versus evil, are just human fallacies and thus non-existent. Let me turn to the French philosopher of Evil, Georges Bataille, and mystic and poet, who regards human life as a fundamentally excessive movement,  and at the core of which Bataille places a turbulent inner drive towards excess, towards exuberance, making sure that life is a jubalation of the Will to Power, an immense Joy before Death. Life is being-towards-Death (Heidegger), and Bataille being a Freudian psychoanalitical thinker, realises this to the fullest. But Bataille does not preach, like many satanists would, a mindless and simplistic hedonist way of life, because Life is first and foremost a relentless spiritual drive which demands the utmost respect as we are only momentary and mortal carriers of this divine Energy, and therefore utterly meaningless manifestations in the universal course of things. Yet as an earthly species and in order to arrange our mundane life (societies, families, other kinds of social bonds) we needs certain arrangements and agreements, which are called laws and moral boundaries, otherwise we would end up in chaos (from where this Energy actually comes from) and we would not be able to form bonds and live together. That is why Bataille is not an anarchist: we need the Law, the Phallus, however not to obey it but in order to transgress it. The Law and its moral values are only ‘stops’ where we can accumulate our energy, where we can take a break so to speak, in order to prepare transgressive acts, society altering behaviour, rituals, works of art & reflection. After this ‘stop’ we are able travel beyond. By the act of transgression one releases the energy that has been built up, that has been accumulated which in turn thrusts one forward towards a new ‘stop’ so to speak, being a next step into man’s evolution. This coincides with the spiritual practice of the 7FW in which one pushes boundaries again and again. Bataille follows Hegel as this is a dialectical process for men to evolve further and further, towards the Nietzschean Overman, the Hegelian Geist. This process is akin to the Sinister Dialectic (which is based on Hegel’s insights as well). By trangressing again and again one pays hommage to Life and to the Death Drive within, for transgression equals momentary madness and Death. An act of trangression throws off one’s Ego’s shell, one’s mundane Self and from being stuck in a discontinuous being (having a mundane identity) one steps towards what Bataille calls the Continuous, and which in the ONA mythos is referred to with the Acausal: beyond materialistic, petty politics, simplistic survival and so on. Our cosmos is only momentary and an act of transgression grants one a different perspective so one can look beyond the present status of the human animal.

My apologies for this Bataillean detour but this makes clear that Bataille’s perspective is not just a philosophical one. As a practitioner of rituals, meditation and yoga he also put things into practice with an alterior sinister goal. Now, the ancient force I was referring to is the Sinister Feminine and this is exactly a force that aims at excess, at destabilising the status quo, a non serviam-principle.This is no longer a phallic principle of control and domination, but a yonic principle of violation and excess.  This force actually strengthens the sinister adept to trangress the limiting paternal law of the monotheistic, monocephalic regimes. One of the oldest Goddesses Bataille is intruiged by is Kali who he describes as “the goddess of terror, destruction, of night and of chaos, a patron of cholera, of cemetries, of thieves and prostitutes”. Kali who dances on the corpse of her husband Shiva embodies the free reign of Sacred violence: “the kind of violence which stops at nothing”, which is non-instrumental and is acaually oriented. While Shiva balances the cosmological forces, Kali, according to Bataille, “deals in pure destruction and only protects the lowly and the cursed.” This shows a relentless Sacred violence that does not aim at breaking the Law for hedonistic, juvenile or mundane criminal purposes, but this is a Sovereign violence that aims for the infinite, the non-human Acausal, the Abyssal. Its volatile and unrestricted nature has no mundane meaning at all and offers no consolation. It would be hugely disrespectful towards the Great Goddess to summon her in rituals for mundane and practical purposes.

In Hugh R. Urban’s study on the relationship between Bataille and Hindu Tantra one can find the following: “Tantric sexual rituals [involve] explicit transgression of conventional social boundaries and the oral consumption of menstrual and other sexual fluids as the ultimate source of spiritual power”. Drawing on Bataille Urban suggests that “Tantric practic involves a kind of ‘unlimited transgression’ that actually aims at going beyond the finite self and which through an Über-moral position unites the practioner with the Divine, the Sacred as Bataille calls it. Hugh describes the ritual practices of the temple of the mother goddess Kamakhya. She actually is one of Kali’s avatar and Kamakhya is the Goddess of Desire and her temple is seen as the “mother of all seats of power” because it is the seat of the goddess’ sexual organ and the locus of her annual menstruation. This shows an ambivalence for the blood of the goddess is both assiocated with power (phallic principle) and with impurity (yonic principle). So, like every bodily fluid the menstrual blood is seen as very powerful, but it also a source of pollution, something to be shunned for menstruating women are seen as unclean, non-desirable, contagious.  This being contagious is exactly the Sinister Force of the Feminine, which is worshipped and recognized in this tantric practice, while from a monotheistic point of view menstruation is just dirty and forbidden because a woman is supposed to be a virgin. That is exactly why the Virgin Mary remained a virgin even after having a baby for physically giving birth implies menstruation, menstrual blood and this would be intolerable for the christian.

Bataille described the dual nature of the Sacred: both pure and impure, RHP and LHP-aspects but with the aim to go beyond this oppositon. The Sinister dialectics we already referred to. Another transgressive aspect is the form of sacrifice one can see at Kamakhya. While Vedic sacrifice only allows domestic animals to be beheaded, the sacrifice for the goddess Kamakhya recommends also impure and wild animals such as buffaloes, boars, alligators and so on. Again the notion of impurity (impure animal, beheading) clearly refers to the dark aspect of the Sacred, namely the trangression of an accepted (moral) law in order “to tap into and unleash the tremendous energy of the goddess that lies within the cosmos and social order.” This is an important insight for transgression is not just a simple means to an end, it uplifts the sinister adept.

There are other Sinister Goddesses but from a literary-sociological point of the view we can turn to the 19th century, the Fin de siècle, when writers such as Théophile Gautier and Algernon Swinburne, who had a profound influence on Crowley, perfected the type of a new kind of woman, namely the Femme Fatale or the Fatal Woman. The Fin de siècle is an important period because artistically, philosophically and magcially numerous interesting reactions to the industrialization, to positvism, the belief in science, to realism and naturalism occurred and these can be studied and learned from. This is a most thriving and fascinating period which we will go into in the next part.

(Bibliography after part 2)Secrets-Of-Kamakhya-Devi-Temple-Menstruating-Goddess-In-India-4



One of my earliest BM-designs more than 10 years ago now. Perhaps a bit naive but I wanted to capture the unique BM spirit. I believe I succeeded: the rawness, its amoral and inhuman nature. Black Metal remains one of the few artistic exponents of Bataille’s base materialism.

The phrase aestheticising of the self refers to the work of the French philosopher Michel Foucault. In the last two parts of his work L’Histoire de la sexuality (The History of sexuality) Foucault develops the idea of an ethics of the self: “Through the formation of a ‘critical ontology of the self’ it is possible to formulate an alternative ethical standpoint from which individuals can begin to resist the normalizing force of the ‘government of individualization’.” (McNay 1994: 133) The ethics of the self is derived from a Greek – Roman understanding about morals as an excercise in modesty and self-control. Foucault goes against the normalizing process that has been going on since modernity.

This is a process that forces each individual to ‘fit in’, to obey the hegemonic laws. Foucault calls this “new forms of subjectivity through the refusal of this kind of individuality which has been imposed on us for several decades.” (Foucault 1984b: 216). The “refusal of this kind of individuality” started from (and actually still does) the judeo-christean morality which enforces a universal law. This understanding, secularized in today’s disciplinary power and the bio-power, requires total obedience of the human subject. The Greek-Roman notion, on the other hand, regards morality as a practice, an exercise. Foucault argues that man must create himself as ‘an individual’ instead of listening to external norms and rules. Those sets of rules that tell us how to dress, how and what to eat, how to behave and so on. The example of the new modern individual is Charles Baudelaire: Baudelaire, being a dandy, is modern because he craves for an ‘essential inner self’, but he produces or rather creates ‘a new self’ (McNay 1994: 149). This new self is able to control itself, its limits and desires, but plays freely with them and as such is truly able to transgress the limits imposed by society, the Symbolic Order. In this regard Foucault refers to the insights of Georges Bataille.

The Baudelairean individual truly stands out and creates his own self and destroys the one that is imposed on him. As such Foucault does not introduce a new ethics (thou shallt) but a new ethos, a mode de vie. This is an ethos which I see reflected in BM being an ominous, powerful and sovereign artistic movement that has created and recreated itself during the years. From Deathspell Omega onwards to Svartidaudi today the revolutionary black flame is still burning brightly. These artists are sometimes anonymous for they let their Black art speak for itself. They are Satanists, not because they boast about Satan, burn churches, not they have become vehicles, actual nexions that allow the sinister forces of the Acausal to enter. They are truly sovereign because there is no law that dictates their Art and they control them-selves, their limits and desires otherwise they would not be able to create such works of art.

The Sinister Way of the ONA can take various forms. Mine is a philosophical – mystical one, for others this means that practice of Black Magic, and so on, but something adepts of the ONA share, is the fact that they are individuals: self-control, knowing one’s limits and desires and using them to grow as an individual in order to transgress society’s limits each in his own unique way and to presence the Sinister.

A terrifying vision: man’s non-identity and the Void within

ImageThis is a haunting self-portrait by the Belgian painter Léon Spilliaert. I found a most fitting analysis and description of this dark painting in one of our newspapers. The author, Eric Rinckhout, mentions 4 important elements: the Night, the Eye, the Clock and the Mirror.

Being a gastric patient Léon Spilliaert often wasn’t able to sleep and therefore he wandered through his house in Oostende and silently observed himself. This work of art is not a painting, but it is water-colour drawing combined with coloured pencil and East Indian ink. The absence of colour, the black and white, greyish green and red tints emphasize the drabness of the Night. The Night is very important in the Bataillean occult for the Night defies all ‘vision’, all understanding, all understanding. Look at the artist staring into Nothingness, aimlessly as if is he waiting for some demon to appear.

The eye. Being an insomniac the artist looks at things from an uncanny perspective. Beyond logic and durability. All the certainties of one’s daily life are now gone, evaporated so to speak as the greyness of the Night enters. The Eye staring at us is the Left Eye, the ‘evil eye’. Evil not being the absence of good, but the presence of vitality, power, ongoing energy without purpose. A Solar eye. This is the eye of corruption for its power destroys our identity. It makes us realize that we are ‘nothing’, that man’s existence in the cosmos in the end is utterly meaningless despite our self-centred ideologies, our sciences that make us feel unconquerable. Look closely at the fear and anguish reflected by that eye being the core of our existence. The head seems to be a death’s head; almost headless. The Joy before Death.The all immersive Joy of the Void.

The Clock: can you hear the ticking sound of an old clock? The clock standing on the mantle piece in front of an empty mirror as if it were a passage way into another time frame, a parallel universe where the Dark Gods dwell.

The Mirror: Spilliaert observed himself in a mirror from the bottom up so the figure seems to stare into an Abyss which fulfills him with horror. This has created a claustrophobic atmosphere which makes this work of art even more impressive.

We may not have an ‘identity’ but this drawing shows the anguish, the dread, the horror that lurks within us, deep down, hidden beneath our shallow thoughts. It is not a ‘truth’ but far beyond because it is non-human and far too inhuman to experience. Such self-contemplation destabilizes us and throws us in the Abyss. Are you prepared for this?

Manifesto of the Ministery of the Abyss

1. BE THE CHOSEN OF THE VOID. Service to the Abyss is a privilege, not a duty. It is a sacred responsibility to represent the Void, to explore its truths, and to share its revelations with others. The idea of ‘evil’ appeals to many, but few are actually able to hear the call of the Abyss and respond.
2. BRING THE ABYSS INTO THIS WORLD. Our tradition holds that this universe is cut off from the Abyss. Whether it is outside, beyond, or trapped, we know that it can access this world through cracks in the spiritual fabric, created through pain, suffering, and esoteric practices.
3. LIVE (ONLY) TO FURTHER ITS ALIEN AGENDA FOR THE COSMOS. The Abyss demands all or nothing. To serve the Abyss is to know that you must offer everything and everyone in your life as a potential casualty of its inscrutable plans. Your own hopes and dreams are only relevant insofar as they may be expressions of its own malignant will.
4. SPILL BLOOD. The Abyss demands sacrifice. All blood is fit for sacrifice, from whatever source – yours as well as others. Blood is life, and life must be offered to the Abyss and to its entities. There is no bloodless path to the Void.
5. SAY NO TO LIFE. ABANDON HOPE. There is no hope in false gods and idols. Only through the Abyss can we achieve true peace, by becoming a part of its super(un)consciousness. Only through merging with terror itself can you overcome your fears. Other religious traditions offer hope of salvation or freedom of suffering, but they are lying. Do not place your hope in gods that cannot save themselves.
6. EMBRACE DEATH. The Abyss offers true death of the false-ego. There is no return and no escape from its embrace, because you cease to be you, and become part of something infinite. True death is true peace as part of the eternal darkness beyond life and death.
7. USE THIS LIFETIME TO LEARN HOW TO ESCAPE REINCARNATION, SO WE CAN BE DISSOLVED BACK INTO THE VOID. Only through convergence with the Abyss can we escape the useless cycle of suffering and reincarnation. Otherwise, we are tools of the gods and subject to their whims and dictates. The Abyss is the only possible escape from the cycle.
8. CREATE ART, MUSIC, AND TEXT THAT PERSONIFIES THE IMPERSONAL HORROR OF THE VOID. The revelations of the Void can be shown to others. Media like art, music, and narrative are powerful tools for communicating the strange, contradictory truths of the Abyss which can only be transmitted through oblique paths. The Abyss wants to be experienced, and so we must create those channels through which it can be perceived by others.
9. BUILD SHRINES ALTARS FOR THE ABYSS. SACRIFICE OURSELVES AND OTHERS. The worship of the Abyss constitutes a grave violation of the spiritual laws of the cosmos. Every altar, every offering, every shrine and blot that is consecrated to the Abyss serves as a doorway for it into the cosmos.
10. CONSUME. CONVERGE. Daily, we consume the energies of the people and cultures around us, and turn them into the power of the Void. Through us, the Abyss is able to absorb spiritual and cosmic energies, which it warps into its own complex patterns. We serve as the hands of the Abyss in this world, and each act (each spell, each meditation, each offering) bring us closer to convergence with it.
11. COMMIT ACTS OF ESOTERIC TERRORISM. Like the Diabolus who is our general, we seek to destabilize the cosmic order on a spiritual level. We are not concerned with politics revolutions, because the physical universe is already contaminated. Our violent attacks are artistic, literary, musical, and magickal, because that is the only lasting way to affect the masses.
12. DESTABILIZE THE SPIRITUAL KINGDOMS OF THE COSMIC WORLD. We are at war with the gods and their followers. We are engaged in subverting spiritual powers and causing the erosion of established religion. Through demonic sacrifices and artistic expression, we will shatter and defile the psychic stability of whatever community we inhabit.
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